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Sep 2018
Kehan Harman
Sep 14 2018 01:49
@bib_mais_twitter try ^ca_objects.created.user (there's also fname, lname, email).
Massimiliano Losego
Sep 14 2018 10:12
we're experiencing a problem with Pawtucket slideshow when images are more than 3.
Anybody has the same issue?
We can't replicate the problem with the previous version of viewer in Pawtucket.
Sep 14 2018 12:22

Am trying to save an object but having trouble figuring out the syntax.
Creating my object with
$entity = new ca_entities();
$entity->set('type_id', "76");

And that all works, if I do a
It gets saved.

But then I wanna add some name/email and whatnot values, tried
$entity->addAttribute('email', $email);
$entity->set('email', $email);

But that doesn't seem to work, what am I missing?

Biblioteca é muito +
Sep 14 2018 23:25
@kehh it worked, thank you very much! In addition, could this element (ca_objects.created.user) be included as an item in the search form? perhaps as an access point?