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Sep 2018
Kehan Harman
Sep 19 2018 00:36
@bzotivla can you check whether the URL specified by the image tag is accessible by your web server.
With Pawtucket you generally have to either copy the media in to the pawtucket installation make it available by a symbolic link. See for some help.
Sep 19 2018 13:45
I'm experiencing the same exact problem with image viewer as @losegomax_twitter. It looks like if, when there are more than 3 images, a completely different component with an iframe is loaded. Is there someone that knows what's going on?
Sep 19 2018 17:37
@kehh that didnt work. What value should i put on "public_access_settings" (app.conf) of Pawtucket? I have [0] and it shows everything i want except the image. It is a wrong value?
My web server "says" that is not possible to load the image.