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Sep 2018
Michael Schär
Sep 26 2018 13:42
Hi there, what is the syntax in the data import mapping for importing to a metadataElement?
Something like this:
Rule type, Source, CA table.element
Mapping, 1, myCustomMetaDataElement
Michael Schär
Sep 26 2018 15:00
Found it: The answer is "ca_objects.myCustomMetaDataElement"
Sep 26 2018 16:14
@Michael-Schaer yes that's correct but keep in mind that ca_objects can more generally be ca_table.myCustomMetaDataElement
and that for containers the syntax is ca_table.myCustomMetaDataElement.containerSubElement
@OBXLABS - answered your question on the forum but here it is again: The CA demo site does not use the installation profile (aka CollectiveAccess configuration) that's provided on the Data Import Tutorial page, although it has some fields in common and those you've identified because they've imported correctly. To use the sample data and mapping available on the Data Import Tutorial page you must install the import profile configuration in a CollectiveAccess testing space.