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Oct 2018
Oct 19 2018 00:17
@juliaweist Hi Julia, thanks for the tips! I cleaned them up by writing an importer to just overwrite the old numbers, which worked a charm. However, the serialization is still off, and not sequential, even though the highest number is way lower. I tried rebuilding sort/hierarchy/search to no avail. any ideas? Thank you!
Biblioteca é muito +
Oct 19 2018 14:56
Captura de Tela 2018-10-18 às 16.28.52.png
Hi :)
Could someone help me understand a bug?
I am having a problem duplicating registers in serie
For example:
If a user created a record and started cataloging and then, few seconds after that, another user duplicates any record at the same hierarchy level and save it; this action is preventing other users to save inserted data (see message displayed by the system).
It seems that registers/profiles are crossed.
Any hint about this?
Douglas Ross
Oct 19 2018 17:31
Can someone please explain (or point me to an explanation of) the difference between "Internal" and "External" Collections. It doesn't seem to be an attribute that can be changed once a Collection has been created, and I don't understand what the distinction between the two options is in the first place.
Oct 19 2018 19:19
Not sure what the distinction is meant to be on internal/external, but you can change types--there's button right next to the watch/unwatch eye on the left section of the edit screen.
Douglas Ross
Oct 19 2018 19:22
Oh, wow! I'd skipped right over that icon without reading the tooltip ("Change type"). Thank you!