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Oct 2018
Kehan Harman
Oct 22 2018 00:17
@madsurgeon ensure that you've got ca_object_representations in multipart_idnumbering.conf. Note that if you've overridden this file in a local configuration directory you have to override all of the nested tables in the root key, not just the individual table. This is the same with all the config file formats - only root level config items can be overridden.
That would definitely cause issues with an import.
David Andel
Oct 22 2018 06:57
@kehh Thanks a lot! I haven't touched multipart_idnumbering.conf and also checked now that it includes ca-object-representations.
So that is not the issue.
Is my caUtils command correct? What else can I check?
Oct 22 2018 13:23
@DUG1138_twitter as @sshipley64 mentioned these types are fully configurable so you can change them to categories that make more sense for your project. This is done via Manage > Lists and Vocabularies > collection types
@julian_boolean_twitter how are they not sequential--numbers are being skipped in the higher register?
Oct 22 2018 13:31
@madsurgeon when you are trying to set the idno of the rep through the GUI, is the idno field on your object rep editor UI? If not, and you add it, are you then able to set the idno through the GUI? Are you using --representation-idno-mode in your utility command?
Oct 22 2018 19:41
@juliaweist sorry, they are sequential, just they've skipped up way high, so the highest entity record idno i have is like 6000 something, and when i create a new entity record it tries to give it an idno in the 20,000 range.
Oct 22 2018 20:51
@juliaweist Aha! Issue resolved by finding a fugitive idno that was randomly in the 20k range, now the sequential numbering is accurate. Thanks again!