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Oct 2018
Dirar Abu Kteish
Oct 24 2018 07:33
Good morning, is it possible to add a translation to a display in pawtucket?
Karl Becker
Oct 24 2018 07:50
@mbutel_twitter Look into your /themes/default/views/pageFormat/pageHeader.php file to change the menu and sure, it’s possible to link directly to "browse all objects": http://your.url/path-to-pawtucket/index.php/Browse/objects
@mbutel_twitter for Browsing, look into your themes and the main browse.conf
Dirar Abu Kteish
Oct 24 2018 10:39
@collectiveaccess How can I refer to a label in different language?
Oct 24 2018 18:02
In the Pawtucket advanced search form, I'm finding that quotes in the keyword/title fields don't seem to be creating exact phrases as they do in the quick search. i've tested with the default form as well. Is this something wrong with my setup or just how the advanced search form is?
Oct 24 2018 18:58
Heya, I'm trying to get my EAD xml exporter to include line breaks-- but for some reason the exporter keeps stripping out <lb/> -- any tips on how to get those in there? I thought a template might do it, but no cigar so far.