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Oct 2018
Oct 29 2018 14:54
I exported a installation profile via caUtils and tried installing a new CA with that, but it seems the exported file doesnt validate acording to the specs. Am I missing anything or is this just a bug and I should manually fix the problems found in the profile?
Joel Gethin Lewis
Oct 29 2018 16:05
@collectiveaccess I can't post to the forum! I keep getting " { "Code": 403, "Exception": "You need the Garden.Community.Manage permission to do that.", "Class": "Gdn_UserException" }" messages when I try to post.
Is anyone else having problems posting to the forum?
Rafael Henrique
Oct 29 2018 18:12
@JGL yes, the same problem here! To post in the forum, i wrote the whole text in an txt file, to just copy/paste in the forum. Being fast enough seems to prevent the error to occur.