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Nov 2018
Nov 07 2018 07:54
@juliaweist Yes i have moved the items to a new list item as a workaround. The new one work fine.
Nov 07 2018 16:11
hi, the https certificate on seems expired :-(
Capture d’écran 2018-11-07 à 17.14.07.png
Nov 07 2018 17:57
Hello all,
In the metadata elements, it is possible to have a checkbox when you don't have info to a certain field?
Date - when I don't know the date of an object I check a box and therefore the date is unknown
Nov 07 2018 21:26
A general question: When i access CA from some computers i constantly get the login page, even if i just logged in. Is there a a logout timer tha i can tweek or is this a browser issue?
Nov 07 2018 22:16
hello, hope you're all doing well! sometimes when I’m browsing objects in pawtucket and using the filter feature I sometimes get this error:
Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /var/www/pawtucket/app/controllers/BrowseController.php on line 374 ; any idea what could be causing this?