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Nov 2018
Nov 08 2018 20:45

I'm trying to export some pdfs from searches in Providence 1.7.6.
A couple weird things are going on.
1st - I can choose one of the pdf export formats, and it does export a pdf. But that pdf is always (now, since updating to 1.7.6) empty - just a 0KB file. When I open that pdf file, there's just an error message saying "Failed to load pdf document," with a button to reload. Reloading does not solve it (which makes, since it's 0KB).
dompdf is there (and CA sees it - most of the time - see issue 2)
wkhtmltopdf is there (and CA see it - most of the time).
Phantomjs is there (but CA does not see it - yes it's installed, and yes the path is configured correctly)

2nd - When I load the configuration check page, sometimes it shows everything in the media processing plugins list as not available. If I reload the page, it shows them.

There's nothing I can see in the logs related to any of this.
Print results as labels gives the same issue as any of the other export options to download a pdf.
The other file formats work fine.

Where should I be looking? What is going on?
The install is on a linux server with plenty of processing power.
(And I can't seem to post this query to the forum either. I'm logged in, but get an error saying { "Code": 403, "Exception": "You need the Garden.Community.Manage permission to do that.", "Class": "Gdn_UserException" } )

@bzotivla What is it you want to achieve with a field for unknown? It is possible to search on fields for those that have a null entry