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Nov 2018
Nov 14 2018 11:23

I am trying to import data from excel sheet having places, entities, collections mapped with objects by corresponding tables/columns.
I am having issues with Related vocabulary terms mapping from objects.

In the mapping excel sheet, I am using following rule

CA table.element = ca_lists
Refinery = listItemSplitter
Refinery parameters =
"relationshipType": "mediatype", "list": "mediatype"


where mdiatype is listcode.

Please help me to resolve this problem.

Nov 14 2018 13:17
Making my Export mapping, trying to include creation and last-modified date on the objects.
Found this
And added ca_objects.created and ca_objects.modified as mappings, but only created outputs anything, anyone knows why?
Nov 14 2018 14:20
I had to follow the export-code thru 8 files but I found it, it's supposed to be "lastModified" and not just "modified".
Nov 14 2018 14:46
@alimhalinew you need to also include the refinery parameter "listItemType." Also, in your configuration is the element a ca_list_items field or a metadata list? If it's the former map to ca_list_items for CA table.element. If it's the later map to the element code of the list.