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Nov 2018
Stefano Trinchero
Nov 20 2018 16:19
@collectiveaccess Hi. On Providence, is it possible to browse occurrences by related occurrence? If I have, let's say, festivals and events, and I've related 100 events to each festival, how do I browse my events by related festivals? Thanks!
Matías Butelman
Nov 20 2018 17:30
@juliaweist thanks for your answer, but does it work also with the "NEW" menu?
Oh, there, it worked! Thanks!
Nov 20 2018 18:10
@joaomastino_gitlab -- Could you create a set based on each festival? E.G. Annual Music Festival 2016 as the title and then add all of the records into the events, e.g. Opening Act, in to the set?
Nov 20 2018 20:44
@joaomastino_gitlab we don't support a "self" browse. The best way to do this is via Advanced search or search syntax in Basic search