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Nov 2018
Kehan Harman
Nov 27 2018 08:22
@julian_boolean_twitter yes - all your custom configuration goes in your theme.
But only override the specific parts you want to override.
But remember that you can only override root level config keys.
Karl Becker
Nov 27 2018 12:13

Hi! In my Pawtuckt2 Application, in the ca_objects_default_html.php, I’d like to use a metadata element linked with a related occurrence in some custom PHP Code. I know that I can use $t_object = $this->getVar('item'); declared in the PHP Part right on top (see in my PHP Code like

$str = $t_object->get('ca_objects.metadata-element-code');

How can I access the value of ca_occurrences.related.wikidata in my custom PHP code? Thanks!

Nov 27 2018 13:25

We are facing performance issues with Collective Access systems. We are using about 10 Collective Access systems; all of them are quite slow.
The slowness has increased to a point that we are now looking for a tangible solution to this problem. In this regard, we would like to get feedback from other users of Collective Access, whether their Collective Access systems are slow as well or we are the only one facing this problem.

All of our Collective Access systems show slowness in all kinds of operations. From login to search, from viewing a record in editor to saving a record.
Login to Collective Access sometimes takes several minutes, loading an object in object editor takes several seconds, etc. Larger exports of search results (let say pdf of 1500 objects) almost never succeed.

We use Collective Access on Centos 7 machine with MySQL database (installed on the same machine to reduce network overhead for database queries).
Number of records in our systems varies from system to system, for example, number of object type records range from 7000 to 50000.

Collective Access version that we use are: 1.4, 1.7.5 and 1.7.6. We are using Collective Access for a long time, in all versions that we have used until now slowness is a common factor.

If you are a Collective Access user please respond, as your response will help us understand whether this is a common problem among all users or not.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Nov 27 2018 14:37
@julian_boolean_twitter yes for Pawtucket config files in a local folder within your theme only copy over what you've changed.
Nov 27 2018 17:00
Hi I am learning about collective access, and had several questions...
Are the hardware and software platform requirements already supported in our environment?
Does the system have the ability for development,testing, and production environments?
Does the system have the capability for disaster recovery? (cloud?)
Does the system have the ability to function with an off-site backup facility? (cloud?)
Does the system support REST?
Does the system support SPARQL?
Does the system allow for integration by other institutions/interfaces by following OAI-PMH guidelines?
Are search indexes automatically generated? i.e. SOLR, Lucene, etc..
Define the tech stack (mark Y and discuss in notes: web service, OS, coding language, db structure)
Is DRM functionality built in?
Nov 27 2018 19:00
1) Depends on the set up of your local environment
2) Yes, it can be architected this way
3) Yes if configured correctly
4) Yes if configured correctly
5) Yes
6) We support SPARQL for integration with some linked open data services
7) Yes
9) see the Installation page above for tech stack
10) Yes, DRM workflows can be configured
Nov 27 2018 23:57
@juliaweist @kehh Thank you for clarifying!