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Nov 2018
Kehan Harman
Nov 28 2018 02:06
@karbecker try
$str = $t_object->getWithTemplate('^ca_occurrences.related.wikidata');
Karl Becker
Nov 28 2018 07:38

Thanks @kehh ! $t_object->getWithTemplate works for metadata elements from directly related occurrences. I need, however, to get the value of a metadata element connected to an occurrence which is related to an occurrence which is related to my object. For normal use I can do that like this:

{{{<unit relativeTo="ca_occurrences">^ca_occurrences.related.wikidata</unit>}}}

Using $str = $t_object->getWithTemplate('^ca_occurrences.related.wikidata.url'); in PHP doesn’t return the expected value.

Hi @naeemmuhammad, we are using 1.7.6 productive since January 2018 with a little bit more than 19000 objects, 6000 entities, 2000 places, 3000 occurrences and 38000 object representations. CA is running on a Virtual Server with CentOS and 8GB RAM, and while it has never run really fast it runs accepptable – you don’t think "wow thats slow". If it has, we restarted the server or cleared the temp and cache with caUtils.
Nov 28 2018 12:10
I am importing photo information from an excel sheet and using the EntitySplitter to create a photographer entity.
The photos are bound to a collection via collectionSplitter, but I wonder if its possible to also bind the entity?
Looking at the EntitySplitter parameters I didn't find anything
Nov 28 2018 15:24
@juliaweist Thank you so much
I am trying to get to know the software more and had more questions if you guys dont mind.
Does the system allow administrators to assign passwords?
Does the system have forgotten password retrieval functionality?
Does the system integrate with a directory service for user access?
Does the system allow for definitions of user groups?
Does the system allow for customization of user profiles?
Does the system limit access by roles? Does the system allow for ingest of the following file types: PDF, AIFF, MPEG audio/video, WAV, MP3, MP4, GIF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF (if more, define, if less, state what is not available.
Does the system allow for the followiing types of content: images, audio, video, text files
Does the system have the capability to convert the format of a file being ingested to a desired format?
Does the system assign a unique identifier to each of the component files of a digital object?
Does the system have a parent-child relationship within an object that has multiple components?
Does the system allow for multiple, related manifestations of objects?
Does the system send notificatons about upload to administrators or managers?
Does the system have a review process for quality assurance (may simply be a "draft" mode for records, may include staged upload and/or notifications)?
Does the system allow administrators to customize metadata (via template)?
Does the system allow a batch import of objects?
Does the system create an audit trail of all actions?
Does the system allow real-time updating and indexing of content by users with appropriate permissions?
Can the system link between all related objects so complex objects can be easily navigated? (i.e. agents to digital objects to agents)
Does the system allow content creators to duplicate records?
Does the system allow content creators to preview images being described?
Can content creators search metadata across any field on the backend of the system?
Does the system provide "tip text" for content creators?
Can the system link to external vocabularies for reference?
Can the sytem import external vocabularies for use?
Can information about the content creator be attached to records and tracked?
Nov 28 2018 16:54
@haseebrahman7 - most if not all of these questions are answered in our wiki documentation. If you could kindly search there first and then post any remaining unanswered questions here that would be appreciated.
Nov 28 2018 17:26
I was looking at that link, and posted the questions that i couldnt understand.
Nov 28 2018 19:00
@haseebrahman7 The system supports all the points you have listed, though we might need some idea of what you are trying to do with some of these points