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Nov 2018
Nov 29 2018 13:49
I have a set based on a saved search. As new items are added to the system that match the search will they be added to the set automatically? Should I be using a collection instead? The end goal is to share objects as they are approved to the public in sets or collections via Pawtucket. Is there documentation available?
Nov 29 2018 14:47
@bowbot_twitter saved search does not automatically add new records that meet criteria to existing sets.
Nov 29 2018 15:45
@juliaweist Thanks for the quick reply. I could build navigation URLS using search parameters ie pawtucket.url/Search/Objects?search=chair+red
Are there plans to add a kind of smart collection/set in 2.0?
Nov 29 2018 17:05
@bowbot_twitter As you said, this functionality is typically accommodated through the created of collections. You could also use the subject authority to relate a term to your records and link your users to a browse on that term.