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Dec 2018
Dec 04 2018 13:46
@bowbot_twitter Yes, it is possible to use a socket. You'll have to configure your redis instance to listen on a socket, then modify app/lib/Cache/ExternalCache.php to pass the socket rather than the server/port combo. We don't directly support socket specifications although the underlying redis client does.
Dec 04 2018 17:19
@collectiveaccess This is a little beyond me. I found the code:
private static function getRedisObject(){
if(!defined('CA_REDIS_HOST')) {
define('CA_REDIS_HOST', 'localhost');
    if(!defined('__CA_REDIS_PORT__')) {
        define('__CA_REDIS_PORT__', 6379);

    $o_redis = new Redis();
    $o_redis->connect(__CA_REDIS_HOST__, __CA_REDIS_PORT__);
    if(defined('__CA_REDIS_DB__') && is_int(__CA_REDIS_DB__)) {

    $o_cache = new \Doctrine\Common\Cache\RedisCache();
    return $o_cache;
Dec 04 2018 17:19
Read the docs for Stash, the caching system we're using:
If you can't/won't make the modification you need file a JIRA for it and we'll add it at some point
Dec 04 2018 17:22
Thanks! will get back to you.
Dec 04 2018 17:58
Is there a way to email through Providence either users or entities? the other day, I thought that would be a good suggestion for the thread regarding CollectiveAccess 2.0, but I do not want to suggest a feature that's already there but that I do not use
Dec 04 2018 18:32
@sterlingjenson Email them what specifically?
Dec 04 2018 18:47
Can someone please answer these questions before I try this out
Does the system allow for ingest of the following file types: PDF, AIFF, MPEG audio/video, WAV, MP3, MP4, GIF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF (if more, define, if less, state what is not available.
Does the system allow for the followiing types of content: images, audio, video, text files
Does the system have the capability to convert the format of a file being ingested to a desired format?
Does the system assign a unique identifier to each of the component files of a digital object?
Does the system have a parent-child relationship within an object that has multiple components?
Does the system allow for multiple, related manifestations of objects?
Does the system send notificatons about upload to administrators or managers?
Does the system have a review process for quality assurance (may simply be a "draft" mode for records, may include staged upload and/or notifications)?
Does the system allow administrators to customize metadata (via template)?
Does the system allow a batch import of objects?
Does the system create an audit trail of all actions?
Does the system allow real-time updating and indexing of content by users with appropriate permissions?
Can the system link between all related objects so complex objects can be easily navigated? (i.e. agents to digital objects to agents)
Does the system allow content creators to duplicate records?
Does the system allow content creators to preview images being described?
Can content creators search metadata across any field on the backend of the system?
Does the system provide "tip text" for content creators?
Can the system link to external vocabularies for reference?
Can the sytem import external vocabularies for use?
Can information about the content creator be attached to records and tracked?
Dec 04 2018 21:34
@haseebrahman7, yes all of this is supported with more information and details on the wiki
Dec 04 2018 23:38
@collectiveaccess -- I was thinking about news, announcements, changes of the "Message of the Day," reminders regarding loans, etc.