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Dec 2018
Dec 05 2018 11:57

We have some trouble in getting correct output via collective access rest api. In one of our tool we make a rest api call(post) to fetch object data. Everything was working fine until recently when we upgraded collective access from version 1.4 to 1.76. The rest api was returning output for each object for field ‘ca_places.georeference’ in the following format:
{ "georeference":{ "latitude":"-8.8851145", "longitude":"26.419389", "path":"-8.8851145,26.419389"} },
{ "georeference":{ "latitude":"51.05", "longitude":"3.7167", "path":"51.05,3.7167", "label":"Gent - 9000 " } }
The display template that was send in the rest api call was:
"bundles": {
"ca_places.georeference": {
"template": "^ca_places.georeference",
"returnAsArray": true,
"coordinates": true

After upgrading to the newer version the output format has changed to:
We have tried various variants of the display bundle but no success. For example:
If we remove 'coordinates' from display bundle the output is :
"[-8.8851145,26.419389];Gent - 9000 [51.05,3.7167]"
If we remove 'returnAsArray' from display bundle the output is :
If we remove both from display bundle the output is :
"ca_places.georeference":"[-8.8851145,26.419389];Gent - 9000 [51.05,3.7167]"

Can someone help in getting the same output that we were getting before update?

Dec 05 2018 14:35
@sterlingjenson our "Metadata alerts" feature covers this for metadata events (as the name suggests!) such as reminders regarding loans, etc.
Dec 05 2018 18:08
Ah, ok. thanks. I thought something like that was already installed.
Dec 05 2018 18:53
Is it possible to co-tennant two different collecting groups--where they would not see each other’s records, account holders, or other activity--in a single collective access instance with the same/near same metadata schema and identical accession number format or will this cause a record duplication error?
Can these these be shared with two differnt pawtucket instances?
Dec 05 2018 19:50
@bowbot_twitter you can choose to allow duplicate idnos or not
Im not sure what the purpose would be to house these two systems in a single providence instance however
Dec 05 2018 21:13
How do you do collection import?
Does the system allow administrators to assign passwords?
Does the system have forgotten password retrieval functionality?
Does the system integrate with a directory service for user access?
Does the system allow for definitions of user groups?
Does the system allow for customization of user profiles?
Does the system limit access by roles?
Dec 05 2018 22:35
@haseebrahman7 The system supports all these things
Collection import depends on the format of the data you are trying to ingest, but the system provides multiple options