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Dec 2018
Kjell-Vidar Å Teig
Dec 07 2018 14:14
Hi all! I'm a newby here. I have an contact with an really old version of Collective Access. Now I am asked to upgrade the whole setup while keeping all information alive etc. I have told them I will do some research on the matter. So, anyone here can point me in a direction. Some tips and ideas? Thnx. @collectiveaccess
Dec 07 2018 15:19
@kjellpingbull_twitter How old is really old?
@naeemmuhammad The way containers with unspecified subkeys are returned changed from 1.4 to 1.76. It looks like the API is not respecting that. File a ticket for it and we'll take a look at it.
@mbutel_twitter Odd. Dimensions output as input for me.
Kjell-Vidar Å Teig
Dec 07 2018 15:26
Collective Acces Murberget.png
@collectiveaccess Seems they are running on: 1.6.3
Matías Butelman
Dec 07 2018 16:30
@collectiveaccess can the locale setting change the behaviour?
Matías Butelman
Dec 07 2018 16:56
Units are loaded in CM.
In providence, prefered Unit of Measurement is "as entered"
Providence is now 1.7.6, Pawtucket is 2.
Adding "~units:cm" in the template makes the element disappear from display