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Dec 2018
Karl Becker
Dec 12 2018 09:32
Is there any Info on how to impove SEO for Pawtucket2?
Dec 12 2018 14:49
Hi, Providence has a monitor.conf file with an option to enable logging of slow queries. Can someone tell me the location of the log file when monitoring enabled? Thanks.
Dec 12 2018 15:10
@haseebrahman7 Yes but you would need to code your front-end views to adhere to any custom access restrictions you want to implement, assuming you are asking about Pawtucket
Dec 12 2018 17:01
Does the system meet WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards?
Dec 12 2018 18:09
@naeemmuhammad There is no log file. It outputs to a panel in the footer in some themes. It hasn't been used in some time and likely will be removed in future versions.