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Dec 2018
Dec 13 2018 11:50
Hi all! its possible to edit the image description (menu logo.png PNG; 2040p x 760p; 8 bpp; 0.17mb)? I want to push a litle down. Thanks!
Dec 13 2018 12:25
@bzotivla Create a custom theme by duplicating ‘default’ in the themes folder and then edit the CSS.
Is anyone working with Chenhall’s Nomenclature? I am migrating a collection from a custom database into CA and it has a subset of Chenhall. From a maintenance perspective is it better to import the whole set?
Dec 13 2018 20:33
@bowbot_twitter - it depends on future plans for the system. If it's limited in scope you might get away with the subset, but if future cataloging will require a good portion of the vocabulary you might as well import it all
Dec 13 2018 21:45
hi all, we're having some problems displaying our cross-table hierarchy in a display. our objects are within a collection or series, and then in a folder (object). we want it to display something like Collection Preferred Label > File Preferred Label > Object Preferred Label. The only thing we haven't managed to get correct is the collection preferred label <H5>{{{<unit relativeTo="ca_collections.related" delimiter="<br/>"><l></l></unit> ➔}}} {{{<ifcount code="ca_objects.parent" min="1"><unit relativeTo="ca_objects.parent"><l>^</l></unit> ➔ </ifcount>}}}{{{^}}}</H5>
Dec 13 2018 23:34
to follow up on my display question, for those having similar problems, it was correct, we just forgot to set the collection to public!!! not the first time, nor will it be the last. >.> thanks anyway!!
Dec 13 2018 23:48
actually, that was only one of the issues, we're still not having collection parents show up if we use the ca_objects.hierarchy display options. any ideas?