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Dec 2018
Dec 19 2018 02:24
@pinkfishies Hi Sophie, thanks for your help. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work with the objects nested within objects. What I tried instead is to pull the collection name through the parent object, i.e.
{{{<ifcount code="ca_objects.parent" min="1"><unit relativeTo="ca_objects.parent" delimiter="<br/>"><l>^ca_collections.preferred_labels</l> ➔ </unit></ifcount>}}}
This prints the name of the collection, but unfortunately the link takes you to the parent object detail page, not the collection page.
Dec 19 2018 20:11
@pinkfishies Figured it out! Basically, I had to pull the collection through the parent object, like so: {{{<ifcount code="ca_objects.parent" min="1"><unit relativeTo="ca_objects.parent" delimiter="<br/>"><unit relativeTo="ca_collections"><l>^ca_collections.preferred_labels</l></unit> ➔ </unit></ifcount>}}}
Dec 19 2018 20:54
I also had a quick question, is "show_add_this" supported in pawtucket2?
Dec 19 2018 21:47
@juliaweist Cool! good to know. When we import images, is it possible to specificfy which images is the primary for a record?