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Jan 2019
Jan 21 04:42

Hi, I am trying to find out the best way to track individual parts that make up an object.

For example, Object X (is made up of 100 photographs. One of these 100 photos has been framed and stored in a different location from the rest of the photographs. It was suggested we use the ‘Location in Hierarchy’ element to track the singular photo, giving it a new idno (e.g. idno:1234K, the parent being idno:1234).

My questions are:
• Is the Location in Hierarchy element the best way to track object parts? I am concerned that if we record all the 100 photos individually using the Location in Hierarchy, it would mean we have an additional 100 works listed in the collection).
• If we do use the Location in Hierarchy element, can I create a User Interface for that element that only contains the fields we need for tracking? For example location / movement tracking; dimensions, title, idno. And how to assign that user interface only to the child records under the parent one?

I have looked at the wiki re: multipart id numbering and Configuring a Numbering System for Hierarchical Records but still unclear on the above.

Jan 21 10:05
Hi, Is it possible to use redis cluster for backend cache for Providence (1.7.5)? We are already using redis for one of our Providence installation but want to use it in cluster setting. We are using 'phpredis' php extension that supports redis cluster.
Karl Becker
Jan 21 12:55
Hi @collectiveaccess I was wondering if you could help me with my question :point_up: November 28, 2018 8:38 AM – I need to get a specific metadata element for further processing in PHP… Thanks!
Jan 21 15:11
@collectiveaccess We are going to go ahead and get this developed. We want to give it back to the codebase, what is the best way for you wall to recieve it?
Biblioteca é muito +
Jan 21 21:53
Hello, someone would know if in the library circulation module would be possible to replace the name users (ca_users) by entities (ca_entities)? Instead of controlling 'check out' and 'check in' using users of the system we would like to use a list of entities (type researcher). Someone have tried something like that?