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Jan 2019
Jan 22 15:22
@karbecker You can use the option relativeTo to jump between relationships
$t_object->getWithTemplate('<unit relativeTo="ca_occurences.related"><unit relativeTo="ca_objects">^ca_objects.preferred_labels</unit></unit>'); for example
Jan 22 15:30
@jessica-s The only way to track this without creating additional records would be to track them through a field on the parent record, which is clumsy as it makes information on the sub-objects not searchable and not very robust. Though this could just be a repeating field that includes the object number and a field for location
It is better to do this by creating hierarchies, and you can make a simplified UI for your child elements. Under My Preferences > Editing, you will see the options of UIs available for your record types
You can always suppress child records from appearing in your searches in Providence and Pawtucket if you're concerned about clutter
Jan 22 15:47
I used letsencrypt and enabled HTTPS on both Providence and Pawtucket, it all works except that Pawtucket insists on using http:// for all the image-urls, I tried define("CA_SITE_PROTOCOL","https"); in setup.php, cleared cache via caUtils and I can't find anything else when googling.
Is there some configfile or something to declare usage of HTTPS?
Jan 22 16:53
@TBthegr81 Check your global.conf file. You might have "http" hardcoded in there for the site_protocol setting?
In current global.conf files it should be set to CA_SITE_PROTOCOL
Karl Becker
Jan 22 17:40
@pinkfishies Thanks! I wasn’t aware that you could use whole display templates!