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Jan 2019
Jan 23 01:49
Thanks @pinkfishies
  • I used the element 'Location in hierarchy' to make the child record – it must be an intrinsic field, as I cannot access through the metadata elements list, only when I’m adding it to a UI – would you suggest I create a new hierarchy from objects and not use ‘location in hierarchy’?
  • I created a new object UI with only a couple of fields but not sure make it appear only when viewing the child records – how would I do this?
  • How do I suppress child records from appearing in my searches in Providence? And how would you then suggest we then track how many items we have in our collection (the current figures appear in statistics and also in the Object Counts widget)
Jan 23 19:01
@jessica-s The Location in hierarchy bundle just displays the hierarchical organization of the record you are viewing. If you use the "create child" icon in the upper left, the new child record will still appear in Location in hierarchy
If you want to use a distinct UI, you'll need to make your child records a different object type than the parent. Then, under preferences, you can assign the UIs to each type
in app.conf you can use the option to hide child results: ca_objects_children_display_mode_in_results = hide
this functionality doesn't carry over to the widget