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Repo info
    Paolo G. Giarrusso
    Aren't those in the packages listed on the left column?
    So, neither stack nor yesod?
    And fixing the second requires C/UNIX experience
    Coding Horribly
    Okay, I'm pretty new to all of this, I thought x509-validation was a Stack validation library, but it's actually a separate library that Stack is leveraging?
    Javier Neira
    @codinghorribly they are libraries that yesod depends on, stack should build all dependencies before even to start build yesod itself
    dont worry, at beginning it could be a little it difficult :smile:
    the first one is a warning and i guess it didnt stop the building (so other libraries was built after it)
    Javier Neira
    the second one is a error and it stopped the build, so stack could not finish the entire process
    haskell libs can use c header files and unix-time uses it extensively, i would open an issue in the github repo: https://github.com/kazu-yamamoto/unix-time/issues/new
    including in the issue the log of the error and the version of you os would help maintainers

    Why does stack (and also cabal?) have such a limitation?

    Cannot use 'stack ghci' with both file targets and package targets

    I got annoyed when I tried to load my package and its example code (not included in the package) at the same session of stack ghci.
    I learned it can be easily avoided by typing :add path/to/example.hs after launching stack ghci.
    So why doesn't stack do it automatically?


    Anyone with experience building static binaries with stack?
    I'm getting a pesky

    <command line>: User-specified static library could not be loaded (/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/9.2.0/../../../../lib/libpgport.a)
    Loading static libraries is not supported in this configuration.
    Try using a dynamic library instead.

    when doing stack build --ghc-options='-fPIC -lpgport -lpgcommon' :aws-sync with

          - -threaded
          - -rtsopts
          - -with-rtsopts=-N
        ld-options: -static
          - ./lib/gmp-6.1.2/.libs
          - ./lib/postgres/src/interfaces/libpq
          - ./lib/postgres/src/common
          - ./lib/postgres/src/port
    Kirill Zaborsky
    @hovind the easiest way to get a proper static build probably is https://github.com/nh2/static-haskell-nix e.g. Stack uses it for its static builds
    @qrilka Thanks, will check it out!
    Alexander Korablev
    @hovind are you succeeded with static libraries?
    Using static-haskell-nix I ended up getting blocked on nh2/static-haskell-nix#22, because I need libpq. There is a workaround, but my case is not that pressing, so I'll wait for upstream. nh2/static-haskell-nix#62 if you want to follow the issue which is blocked upstream by https://gitlab.haskell.org/ghc/ghc/issues/17468.
    static-haskell-nix was quite plug-and-play except for upstream issues, @nh2 has been doing tremendous work.
    Matthieu Coudron
    Hi, I hit the issue "You cannot have packages and a shell-file filled at the same time in your nix-shell configuration." with stack 2.3.1 and this stack.yaml
    resolver: lts-13.19 nix: enable: true shell-file: shell.nix
    there is no packages defined anywhere so I wonder why the warning. There is no package.yaml either.
    Kirill Zaborsky
    @teto there is a possibility that packages are defined in your .stack/config.yaml
    also verbose log of Stack could shine some light maybe (but not sure in this case)
    Matthieu Coudron
    @qrilka how can I get verbose logs ? I've tried several flags from stack --help without success
    Paolo G. Giarrusso
    doesn’t stack take --verbose? but flag order might make a difference (I forget)
    Paolo G. Giarrusso
    Yeah, it's --verbose
    Matthieu Coudron
    $ stack --stack-yaml=./stack.yaml build --verbose x86_64 hpack-0.33.0
    2020-02-15 19:21:33.643425: [debug] Loading project config file stack.yaml
    2020-02-15 19:21:33.644059: [error] You cannot have packages and a shell-file filled at the same time in your nix-shell configuration.
    Matthieu Coudron
    I ended up running strace and stack looks into various folders including ~/.stack which indeed contains packages. verbose not very helpful there
    Kirill Zaborsky
    @teto you didn't answer about ~/.stack/config.yaml
    does it have packages in it?
    and what does stack.yaml contain?
    Matthieu Coudron
    ~/.stack/config.yaml did contain packages. It works now
    Kirill Zaborsky
    great to hear that it was resolved

    I want to staticly link a '.a' (from rust) into the binary but cant seem to get it to work. Are there any resources on this?
    i have tried

          - nameoflib
          - /locoflib/

    but this only works with absolute paths, and i need a relative path as the other project is in the same repo and distributed along with it

    Arian van Putten
    Hey quick question
    now with pantry; is there any semantic difference between putting things in a snapshot vs putting them in extra-deps in stack.yaml?
    hey guys,I'm new to haskell and I'm following the turtorial of "learn haskell" try to use stack to install ghc
    1 reply
    but there's something wrong when I try to "stack setup"
    Exception while reading snapshot from lts-15.12:
    HttpExceptionRequest Request {
      host                 = "raw.githubusercontent.com"
      port                 = 443
      secure               = True
      requestHeaders       = [("User-Agent","Haskell pantry package")]
      path                 = "/commercialhaskell/stackage-snapshots/master/lts/15/12.yaml"
      queryString          = ""
      method               = "GET"
      proxy                = Nothing
      rawBody              = False
      redirectCount        = 10
      responseTimeout      = ResponseTimeoutDefault
      requestVersion       = HTTP/1.1
     (InternalException (HostCannotConnect "raw.githubusercontent.com" [Network.Socket.connect: <socket: 14>: does not exist (Connection refused),Network.Socket.connect: <socket: 14>: does not exist (Connection refused)]))
    I tried to use a http_proxy but still not work
    this is my environment
    Arch linux
    stack Version 2.3.1, Git revision de2a7b694f07de7e6cf17f8c92338c16286b2878 (dirty) (8103 commits) x86_64
    And because I'm a student in china I'm using the configuration mentioned in install_and_upgrade.md
    Simon Hafner
    Is there a way to build a benchmark binary and copy it out? i don't seem to be able to get a hold of it.
    Jens Petersen
    Does stack (now?) drop a new build cache when the initial build fails?
    I better check github issues
    Jens Petersen
    Not sure, maybe it was a local issue or some corner case
    Marcin Rzeźnicki
    Hey - is it possible to profile a stack 'script' ?
    Matthieu Coudron
    hi guys, I am trying to get https://github.com/haskell/haskell-language-server#features built by bazel. I can't get stack.yaml to fetch the submodules so everything fails. Here is an excerpt from my stack.yaml:
    - github: haskell/haskell-language-server
      # 0.4 release
      commit: 0a18edde24923251a148cbbc0ae993a6aac83b9c
      sha256: e965019bc48ef75e43992b209055e55b245faaaede04c02fb4825f124ebc3dd1
        - .
        - ./ghcide/
        - ./hls-plugin-api
    Javier Neira
    hls contributor here, I think you should be able to build it moving ghcide to extra-deps, as it was uploaded to hackage