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Repo info
    Matthieu Coudron
    @qrilka how can I get verbose logs ? I've tried several flags from stack --help without success
    Paolo G. Giarrusso
    doesn’t stack take --verbose? but flag order might make a difference (I forget)
    Paolo G. Giarrusso
    Yeah, it's --verbose
    Matthieu Coudron
    $ stack --stack-yaml=./stack.yaml build --verbose x86_64 hpack-0.33.0
    2020-02-15 19:21:33.643425: [debug] Loading project config file stack.yaml
    2020-02-15 19:21:33.644059: [error] You cannot have packages and a shell-file filled at the same time in your nix-shell configuration.
    Matthieu Coudron
    I ended up running strace and stack looks into various folders including ~/.stack which indeed contains packages. verbose not very helpful there
    Kirill Zaborsky
    @teto you didn't answer about ~/.stack/config.yaml
    does it have packages in it?
    and what does stack.yaml contain?
    Matthieu Coudron
    ~/.stack/config.yaml did contain packages. It works now
    Kirill Zaborsky
    great to hear that it was resolved

    I want to staticly link a '.a' (from rust) into the binary but cant seem to get it to work. Are there any resources on this?
    i have tried

          - nameoflib
          - /locoflib/

    but this only works with absolute paths, and i need a relative path as the other project is in the same repo and distributed along with it

    Arian van Putten
    Hey quick question
    now with pantry; is there any semantic difference between putting things in a snapshot vs putting them in extra-deps in stack.yaml?
    hey guys,I'm new to haskell and I'm following the turtorial of "learn haskell" try to use stack to install ghc
    but there's something wrong when I try to "stack setup"
    Exception while reading snapshot from lts-15.12:
    HttpExceptionRequest Request {
      host                 = ""
      port                 = 443
      secure               = True
      requestHeaders       = [("User-Agent","Haskell pantry package")]
      path                 = "/commercialhaskell/stackage-snapshots/master/lts/15/12.yaml"
      queryString          = ""
      method               = "GET"
      proxy                = Nothing
      rawBody              = False
      redirectCount        = 10
      responseTimeout      = ResponseTimeoutDefault
      requestVersion       = HTTP/1.1
     (InternalException (HostCannotConnect "" [Network.Socket.connect: <socket: 14>: does not exist (Connection refused),Network.Socket.connect: <socket: 14>: does not exist (Connection refused)]))
    I tried to use a http_proxy but still not work
    this is my environment
    Arch linux
    stack Version 2.3.1, Git revision de2a7b694f07de7e6cf17f8c92338c16286b2878 (dirty) (8103 commits) x86_64
    And because I'm a student in china I'm using the configuration mentioned in
    Simon Hafner
    Is there a way to build a benchmark binary and copy it out? i don't seem to be able to get a hold of it.
    Jens Petersen
    Does stack (now?) drop a new build cache when the initial build fails?
    I better check github issues
    Jens Petersen
    Not sure, maybe it was a local issue or some corner case