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Repo info
    Exception while reading snapshot from lts-15.12:
    HttpExceptionRequest Request {
      host                 = "raw.githubusercontent.com"
      port                 = 443
      secure               = True
      requestHeaders       = [("User-Agent","Haskell pantry package")]
      path                 = "/commercialhaskell/stackage-snapshots/master/lts/15/12.yaml"
      queryString          = ""
      method               = "GET"
      proxy                = Nothing
      rawBody              = False
      redirectCount        = 10
      responseTimeout      = ResponseTimeoutDefault
      requestVersion       = HTTP/1.1
     (InternalException (HostCannotConnect "raw.githubusercontent.com" [Network.Socket.connect: <socket: 14>: does not exist (Connection refused),Network.Socket.connect: <socket: 14>: does not exist (Connection refused)]))
    I tried to use a http_proxy but still not work
    this is my environment
    Arch linux
    stack Version 2.3.1, Git revision de2a7b694f07de7e6cf17f8c92338c16286b2878 (dirty) (8103 commits) x86_64
    And because I'm a student in china I'm using the configuration mentioned in install_and_upgrade.md
    Simon Hafner
    Is there a way to build a benchmark binary and copy it out? i don't seem to be able to get a hold of it.
    Jens Petersen
    Does stack (now?) drop a new build cache when the initial build fails?
    I better check github issues
    Jens Petersen
    Not sure, maybe it was a local issue or some corner case
    Marcin Rzeźnicki
    Hey - is it possible to profile a stack 'script' ?
    Matthieu Coudron
    hi guys, I am trying to get https://github.com/haskell/haskell-language-server#features built by bazel. I can't get stack.yaml to fetch the submodules so everything fails. Here is an excerpt from my stack.yaml:
    - github: haskell/haskell-language-server
      # 0.4 release
      commit: 0a18edde24923251a148cbbc0ae993a6aac83b9c
      sha256: e965019bc48ef75e43992b209055e55b245faaaede04c02fb4825f124ebc3dd1
        - .
        - ./ghcide/
        - ./hls-plugin-api
    Javier Neira
    hls contributor here, I think you should be able to build it moving ghcide to extra-deps, as it was uploaded to hackage
    Matthieu Coudron
    thanks, I found a workaround
    Javier Neira
    he I be just noticed the date 🤦‍♂️
    Matthieu Coudron
    I am trying to run commands from https://github.com/theam/aws-lambda-haskell-runtime/blob/master/doc/06-deploying-a-lambda.md#manual-deploy but it fails with Cannot use both Docker and Nix at the same time . Wha'ts wrong with using docker from within a nix-shell ?
    Matthieu Coudron
    oh it's not because of the nix-shell, I can't use it anywhere (using nixos) :/
    Kirill Zaborsky
    @teto this binary choice between nix/docker was done in commercialhaskell/stack#4636 and commercialhaskell/stack#4647 - I guess those links should give you some info about the motivation
    Matthieu Coudron

    Kind of a follow up but I get

    $ stack build --no-nix --docker
    Resolver not supported for Docker images:
        no resolver specified
    Use an LTS resolver, or set the 'image' explicitly, in your configuration file.

    with this package.yaml (taken from https://notquiteamonad.com/blog/2021-02-15-writing-aws-lambdas-in-haskell)

    # package.yaml
    resolver: lts-16.31
        main: Main.hs
        source-dirs: src/
          - hal # This project's library
          - amazonka # This project's library
          # --snip--
          - -threaded
          - -rtsopts
          - -O2
          - -static
          - -with-rtsopts=-N
          - -Wall
        cc-options: -static
        # ld-options: -static -pthread

    What strikes me is that I see 0 results on google

    Matthieu Coudron
    If I pass the resolver on command line it works stack build --no-nix --docker --resolver lts-16.31 :) but then I hit Cannot determine project root directory for Docker sandbox.
    Matthieu Coudron
    nevermind seems like stack.yml is mandatory and the resolve should have been there in the first place
    Matthieu Coudron
    btw has stack no manpage :'( ?
    Mihai Maruseac
    stack help
    Anyone have success using recent versions of stack with wsl1? It seems to have switched to locking with fdLock, with is not supported by wsl1. I'm trying to find the sweet spot of a stack version that can still download resolvers (i.e., at least greater than 1.9) but that does not use fdLock.
    Well, the downside is I haven't figured out how to keep using stack in WSL 1. The upside is that cabal-install is about a million times better than it was when I switched to stack!
    Steve Jones
    Am I in the right place? I don't see any activity for almost a year.