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Ifty Mohammad Rezwan
Very newbie question here. I am working in collecting edge word of labels in conceptnet.
Ignore my previous message please
Very newbie question here. I am working in collecting edge word of labels in conceptnet.
Ifty Mohammad Rezwan
Very newbie question here. I am working in collecting edge word of labels in conceptnet
As I was saying while querying, I manage to get the edges for single words in the api like for example when I query "albatross" like this "https://api.conceptnet.io/c/en/albatross" I get a good result with all the edges. But when I query "black footed albatross" like "https://api.conceptnet.io/c/en/black%20footed%20albatross" or "https://api.conceptnet.io/c/en/black_footed_albatross". I get the result that it is not a node in conceptnet. But what's funny is when I query "black footed albatross" on concepnet.io as "https://conceptnet.io/c/en/black_footed_albatross", I get synonym edges. There's english synonyms present too. So, I wondering If I was something here? Is the api limited in it's support for conceptnet or Am I missing something here. Thank You.
Ifty Mohammad Rezwan
I apologize it seems to be working now
Hello all, conceptnet5 deployment scripts rely on docker-compose files but there are no docker-compose.yml in the current repository https://github.com/commonsense/conceptnet5/blob/master/scripts/conceptnet.service, how has anyone managed to re-deploy conceptnet on their own servers?
26 replies
Hi getting 500 error at the moment with https://api.conceptnet.io/c/en/example
"@context": [
"error": {
"details": "Internal server error",
"status": 500
"version": "5.8.1"
4 replies
same here @pyrator

hi, so I have this:

object = loadJSON('https://api.conceptnet.io/related/c/en/hotel?limit=10&filter=/c/en');

now how do I get the different objects within this json file? like the third id wich is ski-lodge?

Alex Loftus
Hi all!
I'm super new to conceptnet. I'm trying to find an easy way to get some measure of semantic similarity between two words (e.g., it'd be 1 if the two words are the same, close to 1 if the two words are synonyms, and close to 0 if the two words were completely unrelated). Is there an easy way to do this?
Amirouche Amazigh BOUBEKKI
I started thread at https://github.com/commonsense/conceptnet5/discussions/329 about me self-hosting a backward but scalable REST API
Alex Loftus

There is some trouble when trying to pull relatedness from the server. In Python code:

uri = f"http://api.conceptnet.io/relatedness?node1=/c/en/{node1}&node2=/c/en/{node2}"
r = requests.get(uri)
json = r.json()
relatedness = json["value"]

For some values of [node1, node2], a JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0) is thrown.

However, when I try the same code on the same nodes repeatedly, it'll start working after a few server pings. Meaning there's something wrong with the server.

Mustafa Ali-Saba
Hi there
Mustafa Ali-Saba
I am starting with ConceptNet5 by following the tutorial on github (https://github.com/commonsense/conceptnet5/wiki/API). I am understanding the communication through the API and the JSON-LD structure. My question is: are there any tutorials to experiment with conceptnet5, like a practical textbook or something?
Hi, is there any specific way I can only get Antonyms from an API call ?
For e..g for this API call : "https://api.conceptnet.io/c/en/like?format=json" there are more than 1000 results, so checking for those is a waste of resources
Mustafa Ali-Saba
Hi @MakC-Ukr , maybe this may help you. https://github.com/commonsense/conceptnet5/wiki/URI-hierarchy
Vyacheslav Kim (Kane)
Is there any way to filter out results by language? E.g. I want to get only english synonyms
Vyacheslav Kim (Kane)
Also I don't understand how this would be possible:
  "@id": "/relatedness?node1=/c/en/cat&node2=/c/en/pet",
  "value": 0.583,
  "version": "5.8.1"
  "@id": "/relatedness?node1=/c/en/cat&node2=/c/en/humane_society",
  "value": 0.901,
  "version": "5.8.1"
2 replies
Alex Loftus

Hi all, I'm trying to get a better sense for what relatedness actually means (e.g., "/relatedness?node1=/c/en/cat&node2=/c/en/pet" returns a value of 0.583, but I'm not sure where that value comes from).

Is there a paper I can read somewhere that gives a clear definition?

4 replies
Mustafa Ali-Saba
@loftusa maybe on the paper "ConceptNet 5.5: An Open Multilingual Graph of General Knowledge" there is a section of evaluation of word relatedness
Mustafa Ali-Saba
it is recommended to install conceptnet locally?
Kai-Po, Chang
The conceptnet seems to have 500 internal server error... when you would fix it ?
@kanekv its because of this most likely

The conceptnet seems to have 500 internal server error... when you would fix it ?

I have the entire english part of the conceptnet semantic written in binary - if anyone needs it, you need to be able to decode it using python and the python module pickle

I could probably provide the decoder actually
Roberto Scotti
Hello. I just discovered this work and find it very interesting.
I searched for a word of my domain 'forest' and found also
To my understanding 'forrest' does not exist (see https://www.wordreference.com/enit/forrest)
Am I wrong or is this an error?
Many thanks, Roberto