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Aug 2014
Janos Szurovecz
Aug 19 2014 20:29
I would need some help, but perhaps it's not the best place :)
In general, for all public channels, no need to ask, just simply ask your question. Whether anyone will (or is experienced enough to) reply is a different question ;)
Janos Szurovecz
Aug 19 2014 20:38

Thanks :)
I work on two packages (A and B), both are in private repositories. I have my own forks. A depends on B. I would like to see the changes without

  • integrate them into the original repositories
  • touching composer.jsons and do some temporary changes

Actually what maven provides with snapshots for java projects

Hm. AFAIK, you have to publish/register your fork (e.g., with Packagist) and change your composer.json accordingly to depend on your forks instead. My knowledge may be incomplete, but I don't think there's a way around that.
Janos Szurovecz
Aug 19 2014 20:43
Yeah. I checked what Satis provides, but I would need to replace repository entries in composer.json files which is very dangerous and not comfortable.
That said, unless I'm mistaken, Composer will re-use a git repo checkout if it is provisioned in ./vendor/xyz already (i.e., git fetch && git checkout)
Janos Szurovecz
Aug 19 2014 20:48
Good idea. Maybe a symlink would be enough. I'll check this way, thanks