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Apr 2016
Dennis Stolmeijer
Apr 02 2016 17:24
hey guys im running into a problem where composer dont want to use my forked respostiroy instead of the packagist one
  • Removing themosis/framework (dev-master 4b2ce52)
  • Installing themosis/framework (dev-master 833e9c7)
when im running a composer update in verbose mode I see it is removing the right one and installing the latest packagist version
"repositories": [ { "type": "vcs", "url": "" } ]
And im requiring the master branch
"themosis/framework": "dev-master",
can anyone help me please, its making pretty frustrated
Ben Johnson
Apr 02 2016 21:04
@dstollie Been a while since I had to do that, but I'm pretty sure that you actually want to refer to it as dstollie/framework, even though your fork has a different vendor name.
I can dig-up an example of where I had to do that if necessary.
Ben Johnson
Apr 02 2016 21:13
Er, sorry, you're dstollie... my point was that when you fork a repo, you still refer to it by its original vendor name in composer.json.

As a practical example, if I were to fork roshangautam/sentinel-ldap on GitHub, and then create my own branch, called my-feature-branch on the forked repository, the require entry in composer.json would be "roshangautam/sentinel-ldap": "dev-my-feature-branch", and the repositories entry would be:

"repositories": [ { "type": "vcs", "url": "" } ]

And as I re-read your question, it looks like you've done exactly that. Hrm... :/