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Apr 2016
Ian Carpenter
Apr 08 2016 17:32
I'm seeing a package (not mine) that doesn't seem to be pulling the latest from dev-master:
Looking at the project's composer.json, It has a different PHP version requirement and also has a branch-alias that packagist isn't seeing:
is this an issue with Packagist or something I need to report to the project?
Ben Johnson
Apr 08 2016 17:53
@Sazpaimon Just based on what you've said above, it sounds like the project isn't using hooks to propagate changes from GitHub to Packagist.
If you look at the date on the Packagist page, it reads 2016-03-17 00:04 UTC, whereas GitHub shows the last commit at 17 hours ago.
So, yeah, I'd report it to the project, first.
(seems very unlikely that all of Packagist isn't bieng updated... especially for some three weeks)