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May 2016
May 11 2016 10:25
question: I have a composer.json file in my project root dir, how dose this composer.json connect to other composer.json files in vendor folder's individual package directory? In other word, I would like to move a certain package out of vendor folder, how can I make sure composer.json file in the package still working?
Kyle Ellis
May 11 2016 11:26

I believe you can move a lib from you vendor directory and add it anywhere else in your application and just autoload it like:

    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {"Acme\\": "src/"}

and then:

composer dump-autoload
May 11 2016 11:32
@KyleMassacre afaik packagist will not return arbitrary data that is stored outside of "extra"
Kyle Ellis
May 11 2016 11:39
Thanks @alcohol I found a package that has some "extra" in its json file which does exactly what i need