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May 2016
May 12 2016 02:50
@KyleMassacre I see you point, yes, it could be autoloaded , but I also want to resolve its dependencies from the package composer.json file
May 12 2016 02:55
which means, when I execute composer update in root, the package which I moved out from the vendor folder, will also update its dependencies defined in its own composer.json file.
May 12 2016 09:51
@woodytang that makes no sense
@woodytang packages in vendor are dependencies. when you run composer update in your root, there is only one root project that composer updates, and that is, tadaa, your root project.
@woodytang if you want to fetch dependencies for another project, execute composer update/install in the directory of that project
May 12 2016 11:33

[PHP PROGRAMMER JOB OPPORTUNITY] Hello, I'm looking for a PHP web dev to implement Sphinx Search on a PHP script but also on Wordpress. For the Wordpress site we will call related posts on that page but also related tags based on that current post.

Example of another task I have to get done: I have a PHP script that has a category system but must to add sub-categories feature to those categories. Overall, I'm looking for a bright passionate programmer to be a strong ally to the various web projects I do. So you will help me solve issues and do customization while earning doing something you're passionate about.

I can pay per task, per hour, whatever way as long as there's a fair price for both me and you then we will both be happy! I'm paying fair so I expect to get things as fast as possible, don't message me if you're a begginer who can't get around errors. I'm a begginer programmer myself but I have to get things done as fast as possible so I'm searching for a skilled ally! Feel free to message me

Kyle Ellis
May 12 2016 14:49
Thanks @alcohol here is a snippet of what I am trying to do. But its for slack until gitter jumps on the bandwagon
Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.35.30 AM.png
And I just want in thumbnail image if they supply one for the response to make it sort of "pretty" haha