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Jun 2016
Jun 22 2016 07:02

I have a question)
How to connect a private SVN repository , if the access is via svn+ssh://user@svnserver/repo

In composer.json -

"repositories": [{
    "type": "svn",
    "url": "svn+ssh://user@svnserver/repo"

Error composer update:

 Repository svn+ssh://user@svnserver/repo could not be processed,
 svn: E170012: When using svn + ssh: // URLs, keep in mind that the --username and --password options are ignored because authentication is performed by SSH, not Subversion
 svn: E170012: Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'svn+ssh://user@svnserver/repo/trunk'
 svn: E170012: Can not create tunnel

I think the problem is that unspecified private key to ssh ... but do not know how to fix it .
Who has any thoughts on this

Sorry for bad english.

Jun 22 2016 08:17
not sure, i have not used svn in over 6 years
but it looks like an svn error, not composer
so try to figure out how to get svn working first