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Nov 2016
Tim Kelty
Nov 03 2016 13:20
Anyone here savvy with composer/installers? Trying to find an answer to if this is possible: composer/installers#286
Basically the whole Craft CMS plugin community isn't on board with authoring all their plugins with the target install dir being at the root
They want to have a /mypluginname in the repo that is the actual folder that gets copied into craft/plugins/
Which is understandable, for consumption outside of composer, so you don't have to tell people to rename the folder.
Nov 03 2016 14:26
people just need to learn autoloading
Mario Lubenka
Nov 03 2016 16:36
@timkelty I wanted to do the same, somewhere I found an installer that seemed to work. I don't have the link right now, but you can look at my installer: - this will install packages of type ajax-core into the folder ajax_system/. You should be able to adjust that. :)