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Nov 2016
Owen Melbourne
Nov 30 2016 11:41

cant seem to decipher how to add this custom branch to our composer, file. I've got a branch with a unmerged bugfix on it

i've added

    "repositories": [
            "type": "git",
            "url": ""


"backpack/settings": "dev-fix-artisan-clash",

then deleted the vendor/backpack/settings and ran composer install again, but its still pulling in the master branch

what on earth am i doing wrong? anything obvious?

Mario Lubenka
Nov 30 2016 14:23
@OwenMelbz composer update ?
Nov 30 2016 14:23
Yeah, composer install reads lock file
it probably warned you also that your composer.json and composer.lock file are out of sync
Owen Melbourne
Nov 30 2016 15:14
needed the composer update i think, but ended up removing the package as it doesnt even get used, another team member went bit package happy