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Aug 2017
Peter Delvaux
Aug 16 2017 08:23

I have a question. I'm using Symfony and in a quest to speed up my devbox (on Docker / Vagrant) I found this page:
I found out I can move the vendor-folder out of my mounted root by adding this to my composer.json:

    "config": {
        "vendor-dir": "/tmp/project-name/vendor"

But is there a way to do this based on my environment? Because I only want to do so if a certain variable exists in my ENV

Peter Delvaux
Aug 16 2017 08:30
other then using multiple composer.json files
Aug 16 2017 08:55
With docker you should be able to mount your files/directories by passing command line arguments or by adding the mount to your docker-compose.yml
Peter Delvaux
Aug 16 2017 09:06
thing is, I want my vendor out of my (slow) shared volume.
Aug 16 2017 09:40
@pjetr you could make sure this is set inside your vagrant / docker image:
then you don't need to modify your composer.json
Peter Delvaux
Aug 16 2017 13:06
@alcohol thanks, I'll check that out!