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Apr 2019
Pierre-Emmanuel Lallemant
Apr 04 10:10
Hi. I'm using curl -s | php to install composer, and I now have tons of warnings about deprecation of package names which doesn't match a certain pattern. My question is: when the 2.0 will be available, will it be installed by my last command ? And is there any information about the 2.0 release, will it make the 1.X composer down, or will packagist still be working with older versions of composer ? It would be nice that there would be an installer for the 1.X and another installer for the 2.X . By doing this, projects deployed in CI/CD using this installer would not fetch by error the 2.X (which could crash if package names aren't valid)
Ben Johnson
Apr 04 13:40
@megri Didn't see your question from so long ago, but if I understand it correctly, you can simply do as I describe here: