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    Document build/script_env and s… (compare)

Thanks for all your help.
Cheng H. Lee
@smnemeth: you may get better help in the conda-forge gitter (https://gitter.im/conda-forge/conda-forge.github.io). I would say that given the choice, use conda-forge packages over CDTs and system-installed libraries.
Andrew Annex
hey all, about a year ago I posted a pr with a failing test showing that downstreams tests do not copy test source files on windows builds, but it doesn't look like whatever the issue was has been fixed yet in more recent releases. I don't have the time to work on this myself, last time I tried I ran into sections of conda-build that are not documented enough for me to quickly find the fix. I was wondering if someone could take it on? here's a link to the pr conda/conda-build#3837
Ray Donnelly
commented, thanks for the pin
How should I deal with packages that depend on each other? For example, package A has B as a running dependency, and B has A as a running dependency. I was able to build both of them, but when I try to install them it doesn't work.
Ray Donnelly
You cannot have cyclic dependencies, sorry
the shared commanlity between these two packages should be extracted to a third package that both A and B then depend upon individually.
But if that involves changing upstreams then it can be hard
Sven Thiele

I need some help setting up my CI. I try to upload my conda package via github action on release. It works for linux but on windows I get an error. This is the corresponding part from my github workflow release.yml

    - name: Upload to Anaconda (Windows)
      if: matrix.os == 'windows-latest'
        ANACONDA_LOGIN: ${{ secrets.ANACONDA_LOGIN }}
      shell: pwsh
      run: anaconda -v -t "$env:ANACONDA_LOGIN" upload -l dev build/win-64/*.tar.bz2

and I get this error:

2020-12-17T09:12:45.0904898Z ##[group]Run anaconda -v -t "$env:ANACONDA_LOGIN" upload -l dev build/win-64/*.tar.bz2
2020-12-17T09:12:45.0906005Z anaconda -v -t "$env:ANACONDA_LOGIN" upload -l dev build/win-64/*.tar.bz2
2020-12-17T09:12:45.0959683Z shell: C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7\pwsh.EXE -command ". '{0}'"
2020-12-17T09:12:45.0960327Z env:
2020-12-17T09:12:45.0960809Z   CONDA_PKGS_DIR: C:\Users\runneradmin\conda_pkgs_dir
2020-12-17T09:12:45.0962425Z   ANACONDA_LOGIN: ***

2020-12-17T09:12:45.0962882Z ##[endgroup]
2020-12-17T09:12:46.7759756Z Using Anaconda API: https://api.anaconda.org
2020-12-17T09:12:46.7761230Z [DEBUG] Using token from command line args
2020-12-17T09:12:46.8596811Z [ERROR] API server not found. Please check your API url configuration.
2020-12-17T09:12:46.9350900Z ##[error]Process completed with exit code 1.

Any help would be appreciated.

Tobias Fischer
Hiya - just a quick question: Is there an estimate when a new release of conda-build will be released? We're waiting for fixes to pyqt/sip on Win which will be fixed with a new release, so we can continue our efforts on RoboStack (ROS+Conda, see https://github.com/RoboStack/ros-noetic) on Windows as well which is currently on hold because of that (see also https://github.com/conda-forge/conda-forge.github.io/issues/1066).
Benjamin Bertrand
I have a pure python package with many runtime dependencies (some as extras_require). I think it would be nice to split it in subpackages with just different run requirements. I did some tests but can't make it work with noarch: python. Is using outputs with noarch not supported?
Uwe L. Korn
It should work but you will probably have to put noarch: python into the build section of every output.
Benjamin Bertrand

I tried doing something like (noarch at the same level as script):

  - name: foo
    noarch: python
    script: build.sh

But got:

  File "/opt/conda/lib/python3.7/site-packages/conda_build/post.py", line 1038, in check_overlinking_impl
    if filetype and filetype in filetypes_for_platform[subdir.split('-')[0]]:
KeyError: 'noarch'

Or do I have to redefine build under each output?

Uwe L. Korn
- name: foo
    noarch: python
Ray Donnelly
@Tobias-Fischer as soon as I can. Shouldn't be long.
Fabien Celier
I am trying to package binaries into a conda package.
It works fine for linux and windows but on macos the binaries are corrupted and cannot be run after packaging
Any idea where that might come from ? Is there any thing I can do to prevent conda from changing my binaries ?
2 replies
Ray Donnelly
New conda-build release is in final prep stages. Are there any PRs that people feel I should include? Please look at the current master branch to see what is coming .. I didn't do news entries yet though so you'd need to compare commits between tags to see what's new. There's a lot of stuff so it'll be 3.21.0
Isuru Fernando
@mingwandroid, on unix, patching text files seems to be broken now
  name: test
  version: 0.0.1

  number: 0
    - mkdir -p $PREFIX/etc/OpenCL/vendors
    - echo $PREFIX/lib > $PREFIX/etc/OpenCL/vendors/pocl.icd

    - cat $PREFIX/etc/OpenCL/vendors/pocl.icd
Ray Donnelly
That's what I'm looking at now, no idea why that'd have broken.
Isuru Fernando
Thanks. Here's a PR conda/conda-build#4176
Ray Donnelly
yeah, stupid me
ok two mins
I'll undo the pointless _ addition
I did that as I thought it unused.
sorry for the trouble
Isuru Fernando
Thanks @mingwandroid
Curtis Mayberry
Do I need to include the "entry_points" entry in the "build" section of the meta.yaml if I already have it defined as a entry_point in setup.py, called as part of my build.sh script?
Uwe L. Korn
Yes, you will need to do that.
Curtis Mayberry
What does that do since setup.py already created the entry point?
setuptools already created the command line script for the command, so what does this entry in the meta.yaml do?
Uwe L. Korn
It will take care that the entrypoint are correctly created when the package is installed on the system. Entrypoints are located in different locations between Windows and Unixes but noarch: python packages are typically build on Linux, thus the contained entrypoints won't work on Windows.
Curtis Mayberry
I see
Benjamin Bertrand

Trying to build a recipe with several subpackages. Using:

  - name: taurus-core
    script: "{{ PYTHON }} -m pip install . --no-deps -vv"
      noarch: python

Gives me:

INFO conda_build.metadata:finalize_outputs_pass(748): Attempting to finalize metadata for taurus-core
Error: Failed to render jinja template in /home/conda/staged-recipes-copy/recipes/taurus/meta.yaml:
'PYTHON' is undefined

Is this expected? External script has to be used? Or is that a conda-build bug?

Ray Donnelly
Recipe looks ok from initial eyeballing
Benjamin Bertrand

Looking at the warning above:

WARNING conda_build.metadata:_get_used_vars_output_script(2312): Not detecting used variables in output script /home/conda/staged-recipes/build_artifacts/taurus_1611351737826/_h_env_placehold_..._placehold_plac/bin/python -m pip install . --no-deps -vv;
conda-build only knows how to search .sh and .bat files right now.

And reading the documentation again:

Scripts that create or move files into the build prefix can be any kind of script. Known script types need only specify the script name.

It sounds like in outputs, script has to be a file. It can't be a command. Or I'm missing something?

Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra
Yep that issue sounds familiar.
Ray Donnelly
Ah yeahh
     - echo blah
Faustin Carter
I'm running into a scenario where installing my freshly built package doesn't install all the deps
        - python
        - pip
        - setuptools
        - knobs
        - pywin32
        - typer
knobs is a package I also built
And installing the package built with the above requirements list refuses to install knobs