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Victor Olex
>conda create -n clk -c conda-forge click
Collecting package metadata (current_repodata.json): done
Solving environment: done

## Package Plan ##

  environment location: C:\Users\volex\AppData\Local\Continuum\anaconda3\envs\clk

  added / updated specs:
    - click

The following packages will be downloaded:

    package                    |            build
    ca-certificates-2021.5.30  |       h5b45459_0         171 KB  conda-forge
    certifi-2021.5.30          |   py39hcbf5309_0         142 KB  conda-forge
    click-8.0.1                |   py39hcbf5309_0         147 KB  conda-forge
    colorama-0.4.4             |     pyh9f0ad1d_0          18 KB  conda-forge
    openssl-1.1.1k             |       h8ffe710_0         5.7 MB  conda-forge
    pip-21.1.2                 |     pyhd8ed1ab_0         1.1 MB  conda-forge
    python-3.9.4               |h7840368_0_cpython        19.9 MB  conda-forge
    setuptools-49.6.0          |   py39hcbf5309_3         954 KB  conda-forge
    sqlite-3.35.5              |       h8ffe710_0         1.2 MB  conda-forge
    vc-14.2                    |       hb210afc_4          13 KB  conda-forge
    wheel-0.36.2               |     pyhd3deb0d_0          31 KB  conda-forge
    wincertstore-0.2           |py39hcbf5309_1006          15 KB  conda-forge
                                           Total:        29.3 MB

The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:

  ca-certificates    conda-forge/win-64::ca-certificates-2021.5.30-h5b45459_0
  certifi            conda-forge/win-64::certifi-2021.5.30-py39hcbf5309_0
  click              conda-forge/win-64::click-8.0.1-py39hcbf5309_0
  colorama           conda-forge/noarch::colorama-0.4.4-pyh9f0ad1d_0
  openssl            conda-forge/win-64::openssl-1.1.1k-h8ffe710_0
  pip                conda-forge/noarch::pip-21.1.2-pyhd8ed1ab_0
  python             conda-forge/win-64::python-3.9.4-h7840368_0_cpython
  python_abi         conda-forge/win-64::python_abi-3.9-1_cp39
  setuptools         conda-forge/win-64::setuptools-49.6.0-py39hcbf5309_3
  sqlite             conda-forge/win-64::sqlite-3.35.5-h8ffe710_0
  tzdata             conda-forge/noarch::tzdata-2021a-he74cb21_0
  vc                 conda-forge/win-64::vc-14.2-hb210afc_4
  vs2015_runtime     conda-forge/win-64::vs2015_runtime-14.28.29325-h5e1d092_4
  wheel              conda-forge/noarch::wheel-0.36.2-pyhd3deb0d_0
  wincertstore       conda-forge/win-64::wincertstore-0.2-py39hcbf5309_1006
Chadwick Boulay
Is there any way to use conda.cli.python_api to create an environment from a yml file? I can't figure out the syntax to get conda env create -f environment.yml to work.
run_command(Commands.CREATE, '--file', yml_file, '--prefix', env_path) complains that conda.exceptions.CondaValueError: could not parse 'name: {env name}' in: {yml path}.
Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra
I think Commands.CREATE is doing conda create; the kind you use with a list of packages
Pav A
A very basic noarch: python question: I'd like to build platform-specific, but Python-agnostic packages i.e. /linux-64/foo-0.0.42-py_0.tar.bz2 and /win-64/foo-0.0.42-py_0.tar.bz2. What's the reason this is not supported by conda? How to avoid cutting multiple, yet nearly identical py36_0, py37_0, py38_0, etc. package builds? Alternatively, is there a cheaper way to turn an existing py36_0 conda package into a py39_0 without the lengthy build process?
Bastian Zimmermann
You can make each package depend on a different virtual package: https://conda.io/projects/conda/en/latest/user-guide/tasks/manage-virtual.html
One on __linux, one on __osx and one on __win.
Wolf Vollprecht
I am seeing these errors a bit more often (especailly on Win) recently:
urllib3.exceptions.ProtocolError: ("Connection broken: ConnectionResetError(10054, 'An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host', None, 10054, None)", ConnectionResetError(10054, 'An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host', None, 10054, None))
a "connection broken"
not sure if there is something that could be fixed on the server?
The above came from conda but mamba suffers from the same :)
I think additionally this isn't an error where conda (nor mamba) retry if I understand correctly
Pav A
Who do I need to talk to when the constraints as per channel's index.json go out of sync from the actual recipe of the package being served?
anyone know how to speed up the packaging step when conda building packages? It takes for EVERRR for us despite the build going very quickly. Is it cuz it's calculating file checksums?:
Resource usage statistics from building ourpackage_name:
   Process count: 62
   CPU time: Sys=0:00:06.2, User=0:01:14.6
   Memory: 3.4G
   Disk usage: 835.2K
   Time elapsed: 0:01:41.1

Packaging ourpackage_name
INFO:conda_build.build:Packaging ourpackage_name
INFO conda_build.build:build(2274): Packaging ourpackage_name
Packaging ourpackage_name-1.0.4-py38_6
INFO:conda_build.build:Packaging ourpackage_name-1.0.4-py38_6
INFO conda_build.build:bundle_conda(1514): Packaging ourpackage_name-1.0.4-py38_6
Jonathan Shimwell
I am having a little trouble making a new conda package which uses packages from conda-forge and conda. I believe my problem is due to the glibc version being different, just wondering I can ask questions on how to construct the meta.yml so that it works on this glitter chat? fusion-energy/paramak#50
Isuru Fernando
Is it possible to lock PRs in conda/conda and conda/conda-build without the comment? I'd like to avoid lots of notifications
Matti Picus
I think you can unsubscribe to a particular PR/issue, on the right sidebar "unsibuscribe"
Isuru Fernando
Sure, but these are old PRs that I made and I can't unsubscribe in bulk
Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra
there are some snippets here too isaacs/github#641
Cheng H. Lee
@isuruf: we'll look into turning off the comments for now, or at least until the bot gets done with closing & locking the really old issues.
Isuru Fernando
Jannis Leidel
@isuruf Were those more notifications for PRs or issues that were annoying to you?
Unfortunately GitHub doesn't provide the ability to bypass notifications for status messages like this :(
Isuru Fernando
Both I guess. I mostly meant closed PRs/issues. Closing open issues with a message is totally fine
Eric Prestat
@jezdez, @chenghlee, any chance to have these two PRs reviewed: conda/menuinst#85 and conda/constructor#455
3 replies
Pat Gunn
If I found a typo on the conda docs site, who's the right person to poke about that?
Pat Gunn
nvm, figured it out- did a PR to the conda-docs repo
Actually, I think there was a previous strange commit that broke how miniconda.rst is supposed to work; might be smarter to revert that
Pat Gunn
Pat Gunn
Is there a way in environment.yml to specify a preference-but-not-a-requirement for a dependency that its build be of a certain family? I want my package to prefer gpu builds of tensorflow, knowing that they're never available on osx so the mkl or whatever other builds are fine there
Pat Gunn
I guess for now we'll just add to our instructions a note telling people with a GPU how to manually switch builds of that package.
Bas Nijholt

Does anyone know how the following two cases are different

conda activate old_env
conda env export > env.yml
conda create -n new_env -f env.yml


conda create -n new_env --clone /path/to/old_env
Bas Nijholt
Pat Gunn
Bas: I have a guess, but it's just a guess and I'm "just some guy" on the internet.
Bas: I'd guess that the --clone will never reach out to the internet to reconsider the best way to resolve that environment, being a completely local operation, while the former route might, in theory, think about dependencies and reach out to the internet to consider other builds of things. Maybe for security fixes, maybe for other things.
@basnijholt Still, just a guess.
Daniel Mahler
Is there a way to see which dependencies are preventing packages from updating to the latest available version?
Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra
Which kind of behaviour are you expecting?
Wolf Vollprecht
With mamba you can try mamba repoquery whoneeds somepkg to see what packages in your environment depend on somepkg and what the constrains are
Daniel Mahler
Thanks @wolfv & @jaimergp . I have a very large data exploration env. There is a lot of dependencies. I would like to know which dependincies are blocking an available update, ie I would like a list saying of cases something like if you removed package A you could update package B to version X.Y
Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra
I would start by explicitly adding the constrains you want satisfied and see if mamba complains with a clear message of the conflict.
Seems like you are interested in B reaching version X.Y, then add - B X.Y.* to the env file
Daniel Mahler
Thanks @jaimergp I do not have specific constraints in mind. I want to discover them. I want something to tell me if there is some package I may not even remember installing that is holding back a number of packages so I can consider removing it.
Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra
I am afraid I am not aware of any such tool :/
if anything try setting CONDA_VERBOSITY=3 and explore the logs, but that's going to be time consuming
Philippe Blain
Hi everyone. Not sure if the right channel but I thought I’d ask. I noticed that the Intel Distribution for Python includes conda, and is configured to use both the intel and defaults channels. Does intel have a special agreement with Anaconda or is the use of the defaults channel still subject to Anaconda repository Terms of Service ? (i.e no commercial of gvt use)
9 replies
Pat Gunn
Is there a good way of getting some attention to conda/conda-docs#742 ?
Can I get some assistance on an issue I'm having with a pytorch recipe? I'm these errors ImportError: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory and AttributeError: module 'torch.jit' has no attribute 'unused' this is the current repo conda-forge/staged-recipes#16916
Nora Loose
Hi everyone! I merged a conda-forge/gcm_filters-feedstock#2 to update the meta.yaml to show a new license and description for our package. However, on conda-forge, the license and description of our package are still in their outdated version, even though this meta.yaml file on the feedstock contains the proper information. Does anyone know what is going on? Thanks in advance for your help!
2 replies