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Piotr Pęczek
if you want to prepare deployment database, you need to do all of above for deployment
same goes for staging and dev
Leo Giovanetti
ok, so I need to prepare a database seed for the environment I want to deploy, right?
or is there any basic seed for every environment?
Leo Giovanetti
anyway, I already deployed, I was just wondering how can I restart a server deployed with Ansible? I had to change some settings but unless I restart they will not apply
Hi, managed to get all issues fixed on the AWS side, so the site is up and running. same as Leo, after making changes to the Consul files which service need to be restarted in order for me to see the changes ?
Hi, I recently installed Consul on Ubuntu 16.04 and it worked fine until I rebooted the system. Now I am getting 502 Bad Gateway error. connect() to unix:/home/deploy/consul/sockets/unicorn.sock failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream. Can you help me with this please?
Raimond Garcia
We’ve just released version 1.0.0-beta 🎉
Paul Holmes
Hi folks - just trying to get Consul installed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and have hit a roadblock with Ansible at the 'Start Unicorn' stage at consul/installer#95. Any ideas?
Julian Nicolas Herrero
We've just released version 1.0.0 :tada:
Hi Folks - I have changed some text on app/views/welcome/_header.html.erb but it is not showing into front page
I assume need to rebuild it but i don't know how to do that
can you please anyone help me here
after making changes to the Consul files which service need to be restarted in order for me to see the changes ?
Raimond Garcia

Heys guys,

Sorry for the late replies 🙏

I see some of you have already figured things out through Github issues, Slack and the Community 👏
Just in case here are some hints:

Hey @gildvir, @Rajendransiva

After making changes to the application configuration or code only Unicorn needs to be restarted.
Check out the next comment for details.

Hey @leog, @natasakvinfo

The best way to restart the Unicorn is to setup Capistrano and run a cap production deploy:restart.

If you haven't setup Capistrano yet check out this issue:

Note the full command, without variables, to restart Unicorn manually would be:
cd /home/deploy/consul && /home/deploy/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.2/wrappers/unicorn -c config/unicorn.rb -E production -D

Apart from that we are adding the Unicorn script to the tasks to be executed after a server reboot.
In the meantime please use Capistrano to restart the Unicorn server or start it manually with the command above or add it to the crontab with these commands:

  • ssh root@remote_server_ip_address
  • crontab -e
  • Choose your preferred editor.
  • Add this line to the file that will open: @reboot cd /home/deploy/consul && /home/deploy/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.2/wrappers/unicorn -c config/unicorn.rb -E production -D
  • sudo reboot and you should now see CONSUL running at your ip address in the browser after the server reboot.

Hey @paul-muckypuddle,

Thank you for opening an issue about that one. Glad we got it working. :tada:


i am trying to extablish a lock from 2 process(each process from a differt pod). In first trail, 1 process(assume p1 process got the lock) is getting the lock succesfully. But when i try to kill & start the p1 process, the lock is not getting shiffting to the other process(p2) provided the p2 tries for every 5s. Niether process is getting the lock.
But in log i try to see the error as 'already started' in the both the process logs. When i check for the consul process in ps-ef , vain.
And if i try to stop the 2 process and start againg simatanouly, either one will get the lock and flaw goes again.

commad used "/tmp/consul lock -timeout 5s t1 " while :; do sleep 10; done"" FYI, i am tring in golang exec package as
cmd := "/tmp/consul lock -timeout 5s t1 \" while :; do sleep 10; done\""
aa := exec.Command("/bin/sh", "-c", cmd)

Hi @voodoorai2000 I have tried your steps for "502 Bad gateway - connect() to unix:/home/deploy/consul/shared/sockets/unicorn.sock" but I could not find any luck. I check the folder manually to check if unicorn.sock is present but I could not find any
Hi Folks, Is there any way that we can develop and deploy in the same environment?
Raimond Garcia
Hey @kivenkat_gitlab,
You probably looking for the Hashicorp consul project:

Hey @samba-b,
You might just be missing a cap production deploy from your local machine: consul/installer#107

Regarding developing and deploying in the same environment, if you mean running CONSUL in the production environment in your local machine, sure, just add the environment option when starting the server: bin/rails s -e production

I am working on consul clustering and I observed that when we send a key/value create request explicitly to a follower using curl command, then the follower is able to handle the request and in fact key/value pair is also getting created. Could someone please point me to the consul documention where this behavior of Master & Follower is explained?
Leo Giovanetti
Hi @voodoorai2000. I couldn't help to notice a vulnerability message on the CONSUL repository. :point_up_2: Any word if that was taken care of already?
kk batta
Hi All, I am new to consul. I am trying to add a check for a calback when the check fails. But my production servers are flapping a lot and i want the check to fail 3 times consecutively before taking any action. can some one help me on how i can achieve this? I tried to use internval and ttl , it barfed on my face .... here is the issue: hashicorp/consul#6343
I have the consul application installed locally. If I access from the same server it works without problems (http: // localhost: 3000), but if I access from another server on the network it does not let me ( ...
The tcp / 3000 port is only enabled for that local server, but not from remote. Is it possible to enable access from another server on the same local network?
Senén Rodero

Hi @kkbatta,

The Gitter room you are searching for is: https://gitter.im/hashicorp-consul/Lobby

Senén Rodero

Hi @rmarnna_gitlab,

if you keep needing to make your local server available to your local network checkout this post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29132719/rails-application-not-visible-to-local-network!

Hi Guys.. Seems like twitter auth functionality is an issue. I see thats not working in demo.consulproject aswell
Can someone advise on this
I've successfully managed to register docker services with consul but when I try consul-template with this code I end up with a file with a blank line:
{{range service "cluster"}}server {{.Address}}:{{.Port}}{{end}}
ah probably because the service name 'cluster' isn't associated with anything
Mauro Quinteros Prosperi
Hi all, can speak on spanish here? I have a few errors trying to install Consul via Docker, I really need help!
Mauro Quinteros Prosperi
WARNING: The SSH_AUTH_SOCK variable is not set. Defaulting to a blank string.
ERROR: Cannot create container for service app: create .: volume name is too short, names should be at least two alphanumeric characters
those errors shows when you try to follow the documentation : /
Mauro Quinteros Prosperi
seccion 6 on heroku instalation miss a '
using consul template, I'm getting being returned for each service running on an ECS instance, which I guess is the IP address of the node but what about the individual services? I want my services to be able to communicate with each other
(when asking for .Address)
I guess I need to user the ServiceAddress field but this is empty when I browse the API for the service
oh looks like I maybe need to use the -internal registrator option
that's working :D
hmm not sure how to get ServiceAddress with consul tempalte
ah I think I can get it using Address but by using an iterator in the service range
Senén Rodero
Hi @mikejw, not super sure but could be possible you are searching for Hasicorp-Consul project? Here is their Gitter room. https://gitter.im/hashicorp-consul/Lobby
oh yeah, thanks lol
Senén Rodero
You are welcome :)
Pedro Salazar
please I need guide how install consul with docker
vijay rabha
Hello Everyone, I need a small help on consul upgrade. Could anyone confirm me if there is any upgrade path for consul from version 0.6.4 to 1.4.0
Senén Rodero
Hi @vijayrabha_twitter, probably you are looking for https://gitter.im/hashicorp-consul/Lobby project.