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Carlo Vallati
Yes, the ModemManager was the issue, it was still running under my nose, I was sure it was disabled and stopped! Thank you!
I am still having a "Permission denied: '/dev/ttyACM0'" error when the dongle switches to DFU so I need to run the command twice. I'll check udev config again. Thanks!
Alex Stanoev
Thought it was MM, great to hear! The permission denied message must be udev related, let us know if you're still having issues
Hi Everyone, I'm trying to intercept all the packets that a node overhear, while awake, I know this is somewhere around the MAC files, but looking at CSMA.c files and the framer files, I couldn't pinpoint where exactly, it would really help if someone could guide me with this. I want to simulate it using Cooja. I know it may look straight forward, but I have little experience dealing with MAC. Also, my simulation script runner suddenly stopped working, in Cooja, I keep getting this error "construction error for tool of class: org.contikios.cooja.plugins.ScriptRunner". Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
Hello everyone. I am trying to use the bignum_exp_mode functionality from binum-driver.h, the cc2538 BigNum math functions of the PKC engine does not work me correctly. I used as all the reset big number operations:
CHECK_RESULT(bignum_exp_mod_start(e,1,m,1,b,1 ,&state->rv,state->process));
PT_WAIT_UNTIL(&state->pt, pka_check_status());
CHECK_RESULT(bignum_exp_mod_get_result(l_result, 1, state->rv));
But i always get PKA_STATUS_BUF_UNDERFLOW error. I checked in the bignum_exp_mod_get_result function and i see that the length of the result is always -3.
Someone know if exist any issue with this function?
Looks like the function bignum_exp_mod_start does not make the computation because by checking on the result_vector memory position the data is always the base in which it is suppose to put the computed result value
Atis Elsts
@hazelPhd look at input_packet function in os/net/mac/csma/csma.c
by default, it drops frames not for the node
you can modify this bit. Or create your own MAC layer if you want more extensive changes
for Cooja, I find it best to use Docker - it always works there, when the official Contiki-NG docker image is used
Assalam o Alikum
i want to ask is any new version coming after the release of contiki-3.0
Hello Everyone. How to print preferred parent selected by each node in MRHOF objective function of RPL?
:point_up: November 25, 2020, 7:29 PM Since Contiki-NG does not work off the shelf with 6lbr so will i not be possible to push the data to ubidots ??
Now the problem is Mqtt-client isn't connecting to the 6lbr router
In what way i have to try to achieve this ..??
@g-oikonomou, could you please suggest me. Is there anything that i m doing wrong.??
is the ext-flash code supposed to work with simplelink platform?
George Oikonomou
@kevin-forest-cysca as far as I can see the simplelink CPU supports the latest SPI HAL, and this is all that's required for the ext flash driver to work. So if your device actually has an SPI flash part that is supported by the driver, I'd expect it to work
Are you stumbling anywhere?
I'm just trying to erase the whole flash with the oap pull request. I added some print statements during the erase. It does around 11 erase and then the mcu crash. The CCS debugger cannot even get the register's state.
I use a cc1352p1 launchpad.
George Oikonomou
The list of things that may be going wrong in your scenario is a fairly long one
But what you describe tells me that fundametal communication with the flash works
George Oikonomou
we probably need a basic "flash test" example
erase, read, write something, read it out
perhaps you are spending too much time inside your function without refreshing the watchdog, and it barks at you
I disabled the watchdog
Jim Solderitsch
Just created PR #1464 that provides preliminary support for the TI LPSTK sensortag in the Simplelink platform. It needs massaging to conform to contiki-ng best practices and I don't feel educated enough to complete the needed modifications. I know @g-oikonomou has specific ideas about how what I did in the modified hdc-1000-sensor.c is not up to snuff. There may be other needed changes but I want to remove me as the expected maker of these changes.
Jim Solderitsch
Anyone using Mac OS Big Sur yet? I am using Mac OS Catalina, and I can run the RPL Border Router natively on my Mac through the tunslip mechanism, after I use Homebrew to install tuntap. But apparently Big Sur is doing away with 3rd Party kernel extensions (kexts) and tuntap relies on a legacy kext being available. Anyone with experience with contiki-ng and a Mac running Big Sur, specifically around running target Native applications? Or using tunslip natively on a Mac using Big Sur?
George Oikonomou
I have a mac with Big Sure James, not tried RPL BR but I sure will!
Jim Solderitsch
@g-oikonomou Thanks, I would like to know if I am able to upgrade to Big Sur and not be negatively impacted. I am using the native RPL border router on my Mac with a SLIP radio cc1352r launchpad and a LPSTK sensortag running mqtt-client. But tunslip6 required me to deploy tuntap before it would work.
George Oikonomou
$ sudo ./tunslip6 -s /dev/tty.usbmodemL10001951 fd00::1
********SLIP started on ``/dev/tty.usbmodemL10001951''
opened tun device ``/dev/tun0''
ifconfig tun0 inet6 mtu 1500 up
ifconfig tun0 inet6 fd00::1 add
sysctl -w net.inet6.ip6.forwarding=1
net.inet6.ip6.forwarding: 1 -> 1
ifconfig tun0

    inet6 fe80::82e6:50ff:fe24:89e6%tun0 prefixlen 64 optimistic scopeid 0xf 
    inet6 fd00::1 prefixlen 64 tentative 
    nd6 options=201<PERFORMNUD,DAD>
    open (pid 50276)
?[INFO: BR        ] Waiting for prefix
*** Address:fd00::1 => fd00:0000:0000:0000
[INFO: BR        ] Waiting for prefix
[INFO: BR        ] Server IPv6 addresses:
[INFO: BR        ]   fd00::212:4b00:7b5:a183
[INFO: BR        ]   fe80::212:4b00:7b5:a183
$ ifconfig tun0
    inet6 fe80::82e6:50ff:fe24:89e6%tun0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0xf 
    inet6 fd00::1 prefixlen 64 
    nd6 options=201<PERFORMNUD,DAD>
    open (pid 50276)
$ ping6 -c1 fd00::212:4b00:7b5:a183
PING6(56=40+8+8 bytes) fd00::1 --> fd00::212:4b00:7b5:a183
16 bytes from fd00::212:4b00:7b5:a183, icmp_seq=0 hlim=64 time=11.045 ms

--- fd00::212:4b00:7b5:a183 ping6 statistics ---
1 packets transmitted, 1 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/std-dev = 11.045/11.045/11.045/0.000 ms
All of that is on big sur
with a tuntap kext installed donkey's years ago
Jim Solderitsch
Great, that at least for now Big Sur is not preventing the kext from loading, at least in this early release. I want to get my Mac on the latest OS prior to my IoT class starting next month. Looks like this functionality is still working.
Boanos Almog

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is an example project that shows how to use SPI instead of UART?

I want to connect an ESP32 and communicate with SPI with a CC1310 flashed with RPL-Border. I can get it to work with UART, but I can't find an example to make it work in SPI

Thank you!
Mireya Arredondo
Hello I am new to contiki-ng and how can I send UDP packets in order to use the snmp-ber.c code?
hello, i'm trying ubidots demo and i am using cetic-6lbr router. i have created a blank device and also created two variables under the device(temperature and humidity). i have enabled CONTIKI_WITH_IPV6=1 and ubidots address as ::ffff:a937:3df3. and also i have given variable ID's and ubidots token in project-conf.h file.
Zolertia RE-Mote revision B platform
CC2538: ID: 0xb964, rev.: PG2.0, Flash: 512 KiB, SRAM: 32 KiB, AES/SHA: 1, ECC/RSA: 1
System clock: 16000000 Hz
I/O clock: 16000000 Hz
Reset cause: External reset
Rime configured with address 00:12:4b:00:18:d6:f2:7f
Net: sicslowpan
RDC: nullrdc
please do help me
data is not pushing to ubidots
hello @g-oikonomou , am i doing anything wrong?
could you please help me get it done.
Mireya Arredondo
Can someone explain what motes are?
hi, i am working in version number attack and i am trying to write detection mechanism i want some help any one ?