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Repo info
    Greg McCormick
    Hi there, just wondering if anyone else is seeing the prompt to authorize when running this on an actual device vs. simulator?
    Ethan Fan
    Sometime there is a delay and will show up after the app started for a while
    HI, is there a way to handle callback when user manually disable heart rate permission in the health app?
    @jgregmccormick I see the uathorize when running. But I didn't until I added the Healthkit entitlement
    Ethan Fan
    yes, that's another possible cause
    Hey do you have any idea how to keep watch app awake ? When the screen turn off, heart rate measurement stop and only come back when we touch the screen...
    or i imagine we can access heart rate data in background ? i would like to make a kind of alarm when your heart rate become too low.
    Hi I tried to translate your code to objective c, but unfortunately the code is not working. Are you able to check my code, correct it and post it on Github, too.
    @lupin78 you can access the data from the health kit if your app is in the background. Look here: https://developer.apple.com/videos/wwdc/2015/?id=203 (starting 26:00)
    Ethan Fan
    @ronwood can you post your repo?
    @ronwood yea i succeed to access data from my iphone but it doesn't work when health iphone app is open, it seems to be a known bug. I also translate the code in obj c and it works you can find my interface controllers here : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rmd83xfiv3dxi94/AAAmuAoJfn49HOaTOkrLp_WBa?dl=0
    Hello, is anyone there?