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Repo info
    Guillaume Claret
    coq-io is just mind blowing
    could you provide some repl example so I can start developing some interpreters ? :-)
    or maybe some suggestions which parsers I can use more easily, etc.
    Definition main (handler : Request.Path.t -> Request.Cookies.t-> C.t Response.t)
      : unit :=
      main_loop (fun request =>
        let (path, cookies) := Request.parse @@ RawRequest.import request in
        Lwt.bind (eval @@ handler path cookies) (fun response =>
        Lwt.ret @@ RawResponse.export @@ Render.raw response)).
    I'm new to OCaml world and curious how to make things right for console IO
    Ok I made it, corecursive: http://maxim.livejournal.com/505068.html
    I also have several questions about Lwt
    how co combine Network epoll based IO and REPL in one server
    and thought about Multicore OCaml
    what I want to create
    is interpreter shell with commands spawn ps kill, send recv — where send and recv are bindings to OCaml
    and I strive to use CoFixpoint and CoInductive as the basis for the process