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beep boop
hello everybody
Christian Xu
Hi There!
Bob Summerwill
Has anybody got a running Core-Geth (or Multi-Geth) archival node?
That is required for running the second 1884 impact analysis.
@meowsbits @shanejonas @BelfordZ @stevanlohja @tzdybal @zcstarr?
Yaz and I got booted off the ETC Labs Discord today so I cannot ask there.
Bob Summerwill
Hey @stevanlohja,
It really depends what the guy needs.
He has something which ran against a Geth node for the ETH queries.
Which should just work against a Core-Geth archival node.
BigQuery might have enough data to logically support the same kind of analysis, but the interface would be completely different.
Hence easiest path is for anybody on the planet who is running an ETC *-Geth archival node (if there is anybody doing that!) to just run the existing script on their machine.
@meowsbits just replied on ETC Discord.
Bob Summerwill
Greetings, everyone!
@stevanlohja WRT to the Archival node question above, Yaz ended up starting a Core-Geth archival node and that has caught up now, so we should be able to run the 1884 queries on that very soon.
Chris Hobcroft

Hey all, I'm seeing a load of WARN when running geth -rinkeby -rpc -rpcapi eth,net,web3 --syncmode "light" on 1.9.13-stable

WARN [04-22|12:07:01.574] Served eth_getBlockByNumber              conn= reqid=19 t=224.274µs err="no trusted canonical hash trie"
WARN [04-22|12:07:05.776] Served eth_getBlockByNumber              conn= reqid=23 t=178.691µs err="no trusted canonical hash trie"
WARN [04-22|12:07:06.574] Served eth_getBlockByNumber              conn= reqid=20 t=103.525µs err="no trusted canonical hash trie"
WARN [04-22|12:07:10.776] Served eth_getBlockByNumber              conn= reqid=24 t=181.235µs err="no trusted canonical hash trie"
WARN [04-22|12:07:11.575] Served eth_getBlockByNumber              conn= reqid=21 t=233.229µs err="no trusted canonical hash trie"

Transactions are still being published successfully, but can someone help me understand what this WARN means, and how I eliminate it?

How etc fork at block 10,500,839, the config in https://github.com/etclabscore/core-geth/blob/v1.11.9/params/config.go is all eth?
With flag " --classic", thanks.
i change my node from openeth to core-geth, i need to resync the all blockchain data, it is too slow
where can i download a snapshot for geth,
Yoni Moses
Hi, we're also trying to transition from OpenEthereum to CoreGeth, but it runs out of RAM (32GB) and crashes before it finishes syncing.
I think it happens around the time the sync reaches last Saturday's massive chain reorg.
Any fix for this? I am also unable to sync
Hi I am setting up a full archive node just wondering does this include full traces or is there an extra command line arg for enabling this? Thanks!
similar to parity's '--tracing=on' flag
nevermind. too quiet here...
Dani Gorbaciov
Hello! Is it possible to include own out transactions to next block will be mined on my node?
I want to save money on fees from pool payouts
Like big pools do
Hi Team, I have started my ETC node using below command sudo docker run -d --name core-geth2 -v /node-etc-geth/data:/root -p 9545:9545 -p 30303:30303 etclabscore/core-geth --classic --http --http.port 9545 --http.addr
But when i tried to check the status of it i am getting '0x0' as response.
from logs i can see node is synching and has active peers
curl -X POST -H 'content-type:application/json' --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_blockNumber","params":[],"id":83}' http://localhost:9545
please help me hear

Hello. I'm trying to sync my new ETC node to the chain.
I'm using the version etclabscore/core-geth:version-1.11.15 with the following parameters:

geth --maxpeers 100 --http --http.addr --http.port 8345 --http.corsdomain * --http.vhosts * --http.api debug,web3,eth,txpool,personal,net --syncmode full --datadir /data --cache 4096 --classic

In the beginning the sync was really fast and we closed 4 years of the network with less then 24h.
But now it takes a ~12h to complete the sync of 2m.

Right now I'm on block number 8886899 with age of 1y2w2d.
What can I do to improve the sync? I tried to increase the cache (from 2K to 4K) and It seems like it didn't help much, and it doesn't sounds me right to wait two weeks to let the node to finish the sync.

Any news for Nov?

I'm looking for run a local node and get pending transactions
Since 1 day runing, no pending transactions appear

> txpool.status
  pending: 0,
  queued: 0

And I use this command line (last version of geth)

geth --datadir=~/dev/chain --syncmode fast --cache 6144 --rpc --rpcaddr '' --rpcapi=eth,net,rpc,web3,txpool,personal,debug --txpool.globalslots=250000 --txpool.globalqueue=500000 console

Is the command line wrong ? Or need more time to synchronize blockchain ?