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Repo info
    Jimmy Hodgson
    Hi, is there a way to increase the max log file size that gets created in the daemon folders?

    Anyone tried to get node-windows working with pkg? I just followed the pkg instructions and im getting a weird error like this:

    Error: File 'C:\**\uploader-service\node_modules\node-windows\bin\winsw\winsw.exe' was not included into executable at compilation stage. Please recompile adding it as asset or script.

    I just want my service installer to be a exectuable, so perhaps there is a different way than using pkg. Any ideas?

    Corey Butler
    @alexlpze_twitter - not directly. It depends on your use case though... you could launch the app and use a setTimeout to delay the start of processing. The other option is to modify the service after it's created. That's not an out-of-the-box feature though, so you'd have to code that yourself.
    @Taximan - pkg is an alternative to node-windows, not an add-on. If you want a real installer, you should look into something like NSIS or another desktop installer.
    @coreybutler Amazing job, thanks for share node-windows
    I want to know how to make the Windows service running with a UI
    Is there anyone can help me?please.
    I'm considering using this project, but I couldn't find any official TypeScript definitions. Do they exist somewhere or suggestions?
    Neil A. Beardsley
    Hey there, just submitted a couple of PRs for some functionality that I needed.
    I'm interested in providing some more edits, but wanted to start with these two.
    e.g., some docs updates, switch from optimize to minimist, standardize on booleans over 'y/n', etc.
    Christopher Rathermel
    For some reason on my prod box my service "uninstalled" it's self .. trying to re-install via nssm w/ node-windows v0.1.10 and getting this error unexpected status SERVICE_PAUSED in response to START control
    ^anyone got any ideas ?
    Corey Butler
    @xzycn - If you're using a UI, use Electron instead
    @stokedbits - no TS. Someone may have done it, but if they did, they never told me.
    @nabeards - thanks! I've been swamped and my backlog for PR reviews is pretty big. I've pinged one of the other maintainers, but if you don't hear anything, let me know.
    @crathermel - node-windows uses winsw behind the scenes. Using nssm is redundant. I believe there is a StackOverflow answer about this.
    Neil A. Beardsley
    @coreybutler understood! no word yet from another maintainer…
    Nicholas Burns
    Maybe a dumb question, I develop on a mac and have a service install script that works with node-mac, I want to develop this installer for windows and will do a process check for the system its running on to use require('node-mac') or require('node-windows') for the environment, but I cant add node-windows to my node-modules to package the electron app because im on a mac. Is there a workaround?
    Corey Butler
    @nburns217_twitter I don't know if you ever got an answer to this. It's unlikely you'll be able to package both versions in a single electron build. In my electron apps, I have a separate build process for mac and windows, which changes the dependency (node-mac vs node-windows) at build time.
    Jordan Dziat
    @nburns217_twitter you may be able to use peer dependencies to get around that restriction. It'll warn you that you need to install it yourself. At that point you should be able to install it programmatically. Just a thought.
    Hi, I have started a node server with node-windows succesfully,
    but after a while, service stopped automatically and when I trying starting to it manually,
    Is there anyone who faces this problem?
    @coreybutler I have used node-windows in some passion projects of late and would like to make some changes. I noticed you were looking for maintainers, so wanted to learn more to figure out if I could help; and the process (testing / linting needs before a PR may be submitted, etc.). Is there a document somewhere, or some way of looking at pending PRs so I don't attempt a problem that has already been solved, but awaiting a pull.
    Corey Butler
    @mstfbirinci - that is almost certainly NOT caused by node-windows itself. There's nothing in node-windows that would throw that message, but Windows itself might throw that for other services.
    Corey Butler
    @AshishShanker - I'd love the help. I don't have a document anywhere (shame on me), but the only real mandate is to make sure the API stays in sync with node-mac and node-linux. Any new features need to be added to all 3 libraries and follow semver. If there are PR's with some new Windows-specific functionality, then I like to weigh in before a change is approved. The goal of the 3 projects are to provide API consistency across all operating systems. I'm trying to avoid what happens in the Electron world where there are some API's that are specific to an OS, yet the project boasts it is entirely cross-platform.
    So, if you're interested, just let me know your github handle.
    @coreybutler - ashishshanker
    @coreybutler - I will create an issue first describing the perceived shortcoming and outline a potential solution. Then after relevant folks have weighed in, I will code it up and raise a PR. Does that sound like a fair process?
    Corey Butler
    @AshishShanker - sounds awesome
    I would need to study node-mac and node-linux a little to make sure I'm not stepping on some toes here.
    Corey Butler
    Go ahead and post the issue... I'll look it over and let you know if I see anything that would affect the other libs
    Perfect!! thanks :)
    Hi @coreybutler - any thoughts on how to process lifecycle events so the forked script could perform cleanup before exiting? Apparently, since the script is forked as a child_process, the usual process.on() events like exit, SIGINT, SIGTERM, etc. are not available from inside the script [ they apply to the node process and not to the child_process; as such don't trigger inside the child_process]. The handle to child_process is in wrapper.js, which affords no opportunity to set listeners on the child_process. Let me know if I should open an issue on this to allow more elaborate discussion
    Gaurav Mahto
    @coreybutler Are you still looking for maintainers?
    Torab Shaikh
    Hello everyone. Thanks for this amazing tool. I am very intrigued by this project and want to contribute to it in someway. @coreybutler Let me know if can contribute something. I will be happy to do so. :)
    Corey Butler

    @/all - Apologies for the lack of responses. I have been overwhelmed with work on Fenix Web Server, NVM for Windows, and NGN/Chassis/Metadaoc (new stuff). Since my time is becoming less and less available, I am looking for someone interested in taking over the project. I would still like to maintain contact, because a) I have always had aspirations to make a new version that leverages a Go binary instead of the winsw.exe file, and b) I've launched a company/brand that may be able to sponsor some efforts in the future. I just don't have enough time to give this project (or node-mac/linux) the attention it truly deserves. I would be happy to hand control over, but I would want to chat with the new maintainer(s) beforehand, just to provide context and make sure it doesn't cause a community ripple effect (like a few recent module management transitions).

    I will post a contact form in the README after I finish my SXSW conference obligations (i.e. within the next week or two) for anyone interested in taking over.

    Corey Butler
    @/all I'm closing this forum down since I pretty much never sign into gitter anymore. I have found some time to update this project, so there are some new releases. I'm still interested in working with more maintainers. Ultimately, I would like some folks to help keep this going while I work on a new cross-platform service manager (which is still a ways down the road).
    Hi everyone