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Aug 2016
Gopalakrishna Palem
Aug 26 2016 14:50
I am trying to understand the Corto by following the tutorials. I have few questions based on practical usage in IOT context (and may sound completely off track) - would be great if some one could help clarify.
The first and foremost is: is it possible to have different syntax for the data specification (ref:
One of the key success factors for any new system, as you might already, is not how new its syntax is, rather how well it gels with old / traditional techniques.
For example, how easy / difficult it is to specify my store object in JSON?
Almost all systems we use in practice today in the industry (for IOT and M2M) rely on JSON for specification (or atleast consolidating towards using JSON).
Gopalakrishna Palem
Aug 26 2016 15:56
Is Corto's code-generation system capable of handling such different syntax? Say, a JSON to C generator (either static generator or dynamic serdeclasses)