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and jitpack
I tried this: ./cs fetch -r jitpack com.github.outwatch.outwatch:outwatch:master-SNAPSHOT but didn't work
Would you say that now the classpath order matches ivy?
2 replies
Srepfler Srdan
hi folks, does coursier only fetches or is also able to publish artefacts?
1 reply
Brian Maso
@schrepfler Only fetch & cache
Srepfler Srdan

@schrepfler Only fetch & cache

thanks @bmaso

Rob Norris
~$ cs launch org.scalameta::scalafmt-cli:2.4.2 -- --help
Exception in thread "main" coursier.jvm.ErrnoException: Errno Permission denied (13)
    at coursier.jvm.Execve.execve(Execve.java:33)
    at coursier.cli.launch.Launch$.$anonfun$launchFork$9(Launch.scala:121)
    at coursier.cli.launch.Launch$.$anonfun$launchCall$10(Launch.scala:345)
    at coursier.cli.launch.Launch$.run(Launch.scala:534)
    at coursier.cli.Coursier$.$anonfun$runA$2(Coursier.scala:128)
    at coursier.cli.Coursier$.$anonfun$runA$2$adapted(Coursier.scala:112)
    at coursier.cli.CommandAppPreA.run(CommandAppPreA.scala:22)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.$anonfun$main$5(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:99)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.$anonfun$main$5$adapted(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:99)
    at scala.util.Either.fold(Either.scala:191)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.$anonfun$main$3(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:99)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.$anonfun$main$3$adapted(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:85)
    at scala.Option.foreach(Option.scala:407)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.main(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:85)
    at coursier.cli.Coursier$.main(Coursier.scala:77)
    at coursier.cli.Coursier.main(Coursier.scala)
6 replies
Has anyone seen this? It just started happening for me, no idea why. I reinstalled cs, no change.
coursier works fine, just not the native launcher.
And cs works ok on its own, it just seems unable to fork the JVM.
~$ cs
Coursier 2.0.0-RC6-24
Usage: cs [options] [command] [command-options]

Available commands: bootstrap, complete, fetch, get, install, java, java-home, launch, list, publish, resolve, setup, uninstall, update

Type  cs command --help  for help on an individual command
Adam Davidson
using the cs command line tool (2.0.0-RC6-24) and I find if I give credentials via --credentials, it works, but using the exact same string and exporting it as COURSIER_CREDENTIALS, it doesn't work
also it can't seem to use the same values from my credentials.properties file
this is doing a fetch, I should point out
Chris Kipp
I actually ran into this same issue this past week @Adi255. I submitted an issue for it coursier/coursier#1826
Nadav Wiener
Hi there!
Any way to cs install ammonite --scala 2.12.12?
1 reply
(the --scala argument is supported for cs launch etc, but not for cs install)
Matthias Lüneberg
Hi, is it planned to support aarch64 as an architecture in coursier? I found there is a guard to only explicitly allow "x86_64" | "amd64" here: https://github.com/coursier/coursier/blob/master/modules/jvm/src/main/scala/coursier/jvm/JvmIndex.scala#L82
11 replies
Tobias Roeser
Is there a (easy) way to collect all used licenses of the transitive dependencies?
11 replies
Dale Wijnand
@alexarchambault I want to test coursier/coursier#1834 haven't broken scala-runners. Is it intentional that the homebrew formula is still on release 24 and/or that there's no native cs build associated to the releases?
1 reply
王翔(Shawn Wang)
2 replies
installation process hanging here for really a long time
while brew installs calacenter/bloop/bloop
I thought it might be network issue
I have a proxy
how can i pass proxy configurations to coursier cli?
by setting a system variable
Jack Koenig
In the CLI, is there anyway to make the downloading log (eg. Downloading https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/...) go to stdout instead of stderr?
2 replies
Anton Sviridov
do you have access to shell's redirection?
Jack Koenig
Yes, redirecting all of stderr to stdout isn't what I want in case there are real errors
Is it possible to install specific version of application? Something like coursier install bloop --version 1.4.1
1 reply
Julien Richard-Foy

I’m having an issue with checksum computation. When I try to load a project by running sbt, I get the following output:

[error] java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "vars"
[error]         at java.base/java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(NumberFormatException.java:65)
[error]         at java.base/java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Integer.java:652)
[error]         at java.base/java.math.BigInteger.<init>(BigInteger.java:534)
[error]         at lmcoursier.internal.shaded.coursier.cache.CacheChecksum$$anonfun$findChecksum$1.applyOrElse(CacheChecksum.scala:22)
[error]         at lmcoursier.internal.shaded.coursier.cache.CacheChecksum$$anonfun$findChecksum$1.applyOrElse(CacheChecksum.scala:20)
[error]         at scala.collection.TraversableOnce.collectFirst(TraversableOnce.scala:172)
[error]         at scala.collection.TraversableOnce.collectFirst$(TraversableOnce.scala:159)
[error]         at scala.collection.AbstractTraversable.collectFirst(Traversable.scala:108)
[error]         at lmcoursier.internal.shaded.coursier.cache.CacheChecksum$.findChecksum(CacheChecksum.scala:20)
[error]         at lmcoursier.internal.shaded.coursier.cache.CacheChecksum$.$anonfun$parseChecksumAlternative$2(CacheChecksum.scala:31)
[error]         at scala.Option.orElse(Option.scala:447)
[error]         at lmcoursier.internal.shaded.coursier.cache.CacheChecksum$.parseChecksumAlternative(CacheChecksum.scala:30)
[error]         at lmcoursier.internal.shaded.coursier.cache.CacheChecksum$.$anonfun$parseRawChecksum$1(CacheChecksum.scala:58)
[error]         at scala.Option.orElse(Option.scala:447)
[error]         at lmcoursier.internal.shaded.coursier.cache.CacheChecksum$.parseRawChecksum(CacheChecksum.scala:58)
[error]         at lmcoursier.internal.shaded.coursier.cache.FileCache.$anonfun$validateChecksum$4(FileCache.scala:678)
[error]         at scala.concurrent.Future$.$anonfun$apply$1(Future.scala:659)
[error]         at scala.util.Success.$anonfun$map$1(Try.scala:255)
[error]         at scala.util.Success.map(Try.scala:213)
[error]         at scala.concurrent.Future.$anonfun$map$1(Future.scala:292)
[error]         at scala.concurrent.impl.Promise.liftedTree1$1(Promise.scala:33)
[error]         at scala.concurrent.impl.Promise.$anonfun$transform$1(Promise.scala:33)
[error]         at scala.concurrent.impl.CallbackRunnable.run(Promise.scala:64)
[error]         at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1128)
[error]         at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:628)
[error]         at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:834)
[error] (update) java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "vars"
Project loading failed: (r)etry, (q)uit, (l)ast, or (i)gnore?

I’m not sure where to look at.

1 reply
Vladyslav Pekker
The zsh completions section seems to be out of date https://get-coursier.io/docs/cli-installation.html#zsh-completions Are completions no longer supported? What's the recommended way to set them up?
1 reply
Matt Hughes
How is the sbt installed by Coursier (for 1.4) different than that provided by SBT website? The Coursier one doesn’t seem to accept flags. I used to be able to write sbt -help but that doesn’t work in the version provided by coursier.
1 reply
Corey O'Connor
Is there an option to set jvm options for the launcher created by install?
2 replies
Poorva Gokhale
Hey all, I want to use cs install for my application. Is there any way to pass java options to cs installed application? . I see java options support is there for cs launch https://get-coursier.io/docs/next/cli-launch.html#java-options. But I did not see any documentation for providing java options after cs install
Poorva Gokhale
Dale Wijnand
e.g. ./amm -J-Dfoo=bar
TATSUNO Yasuhiro
Is there any way to read last modified date time of artifact ?
4 replies
TATSUNO Yasuhiro
I would like to check how many days passed since last release for each artifacts
Octav Zaharia
hi, I have this on Linux,
Encountered 1 error(s) in dependency resolution:
[error]     com.google.http-client:google-http-client-gson::
[error]         not found:
[error]             /home/xxx/.ivy2/local/com.google.http-client/google-http-client-gson/ivys/ivy.xml
[error]             https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/google/http-client/google-http-client-gson//google-http-client-gson-.pom
2 replies
it seems to work fine on other machines linux/windows
it tries to load the dependency w/o the version ^^ how can I debug this
João Ferreira
Hi @alexarchambault . Maybe there was a problem publishing releasing 2.0.2 of https://github.com/coursier/sbt-coursier/releases? I dont see 2.0.2 in https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/io/get-coursier/lm-coursier-shaded_2.12/
4 replies
Poorva Gokhale

We are trying cs launch and cs install for our application. We have followed steps below:

  1. Sbt my-app/publishLocal
  2. Cs channel —add ‘<channel-url>’
  3. Cs launch my-app:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
    Works as expected. cs launch resolves in ivy local as well as repositories specified in channel.

When we try to install launcher for snapshot version using,
Cs install my-app:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT it gives resolution error. It tries to resolve only in repositories specified in channel and not in default repositories like ivy. We also tried giving ivy2Local as an option to install command. Cs install -r ivy2Local my-app:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT also gives similar error.

We want to validate if this is as per intended usage of cs install? If not, what is possible way to install snapshot version of app?

5 replies
Kamil Kloch
Hello all, does coursier-cli have bash completions? Documentation mentions only zsh. Thanks!
2 replies