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Eric K Richardson
@alexarchambault Yes, if you go directly to the place the plugin is hosted it works but sbt now goes to org.scala-sbt which requires a redirect to either typesafe or bintray and this does not work. I thought I had an issue explaining but can't find it now - too many things going on. Anyway, it looks like it goes to the first no problem with auth and then gets the redirect which works but then does not provide the auth when it goes through the proxy to the redirect.
Eric K Richardson
Earlier, as a sanity check, I tried Firefox on the corp network and the browser passes the auth header to the requested url, finds the Location redirect, and then passes the auth header again to the url in the location.
Sorry tagged on to issue #930 - Try this please.
$ cs fetch --repository bintray-ivy:repo.scala-sbt.org/scalasbt --sbt-plugin org.scala-native:sbt-scala-native:0.4.0-M2
Eric K Richardson
You can also drop the --repository but then you don't seem to get the redirect to bintray at all.
Joan Goyeau
@alexarchambault Thanks for the answer. If that changes I'd be happy to use cs to install tooling on scala-steward
Alexandre Archambault
coursier can still be used there, but that will have to be through its JAR-based launcher, along with a manually pre-installed JVM
Jason Pickens

I am trying to run my own jar using coursier offline using a cache using something like:

cs launch --cache lib --extra-jars build/Main.jar --main-class Main -- "$@“

But it fails to find the Scala standard library. I don’t have this problem when I run cs launch in the normal way.

1 reply
Jason Pickens

I tried:

cs launch --mode offline --cache lib --extra-jars /usr/local/share/scala/lib build/Main.jar --main-class Main -- "$@“

but it didn’t like that either

This seems to work:
cp -r lib ~/.cache/coursier/v1
cs launch --mode offline --extra-jars /usr/local/share/scala/lib build/Main.jar --main-class Main -- "$@“
Jason Pickens
Nope now it can’t find the main class (after changing the space to a ,)
Jason Pickens
Ok now I’m stuck. I guess I can’t run a local JAR?
Damian Reeves
I’m still having issues getting coursier working in a walled environment on Windows. I’ve set the COURSIER_CONFIG_DIR to a custom location and set the COURSIER_CACHE to a subdirectory of the config directory. In the config directory I have mirror.properties and credentials.properties files. All these settings seem to take but artifact resolution is still failing. I have 2 issues, authentication against our inhouse Artifactory instance is still not working and I cannot figure out how to map the ivy path needed to resolve the emoji_2.12 package which for some reason uses non-standard ivy and has been mirrored to our Artifactory instance with the same messing structure.
8 replies
How do you configure ivy patterns and the like via a properties file or at the command line? Also I’ve tried adding -vvvv to up the log verbosity but this isn’t helping, this my be because coursier is still at the stage where it is trying to bring down its dependencies first.
6 replies
Eric K Richardson
@alexarchambault The problem @DamianReeves is seeing is very similar to the problem I was having. Were you able to reproduce the redirect with credentials in your docker?
2 replies
Ishan Shah
I upgraded the sbt version from 1.2.8 to 1.3.8 - now I am getting issues, getting error as lmcoursier.internal.shaded.coursier.error.fetcherror$downloading artifacts (unauthorized) for JFrog Artifactory. for 1.2.8 that was not the case, I was able to download. Any suggestions?
Amit Prasad
Hi Team ,
Can someone help to resolve this error : checksum format error
I am adding coursierChecksums := Nil
but no lunck
Ben Fradet
hello I'm trying to fetch an artifact with: cs fetch org.scalariform:sbt-scalariform:1.8.3 however it fails with a resolution error despite the artifact being on central: https://search.maven.org/artifact/org.scalariform/sbt-scalariform/1.8.3/jar. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
4 replies
Hi, someone could tell me, please, what would be the way to fetch this package with coursier?:
"com.github.outwatch.outwatch" %%% "outwatch" % "master-SNAPSHOT"
3 replies
and jitpack
I tried this: ./cs fetch -r jitpack com.github.outwatch.outwatch:outwatch:master-SNAPSHOT but didn't work
Would you say that now the classpath order matches ivy?
2 replies
Srepfler Srdan
hi folks, does coursier only fetches or is also able to publish artefacts?
1 reply
Brian Maso
@schrepfler Only fetch & cache
Srepfler Srdan

@schrepfler Only fetch & cache

thanks @bmaso

Rob Norris
~$ cs launch org.scalameta::scalafmt-cli:2.4.2 -- --help
Exception in thread "main" coursier.jvm.ErrnoException: Errno Permission denied (13)
    at coursier.jvm.Execve.execve(Execve.java:33)
    at coursier.cli.launch.Launch$.$anonfun$launchFork$9(Launch.scala:121)
    at coursier.cli.launch.Launch$.$anonfun$launchCall$10(Launch.scala:345)
    at coursier.cli.launch.Launch$.run(Launch.scala:534)
    at coursier.cli.Coursier$.$anonfun$runA$2(Coursier.scala:128)
    at coursier.cli.Coursier$.$anonfun$runA$2$adapted(Coursier.scala:112)
    at coursier.cli.CommandAppPreA.run(CommandAppPreA.scala:22)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.$anonfun$main$5(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:99)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.$anonfun$main$5$adapted(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:99)
    at scala.util.Either.fold(Either.scala:191)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.$anonfun$main$3(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:99)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.$anonfun$main$3$adapted(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:85)
    at scala.Option.foreach(Option.scala:407)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.main(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:85)
    at coursier.cli.Coursier$.main(Coursier.scala:77)
    at coursier.cli.Coursier.main(Coursier.scala)
6 replies
Has anyone seen this? It just started happening for me, no idea why. I reinstalled cs, no change.
coursier works fine, just not the native launcher.
And cs works ok on its own, it just seems unable to fork the JVM.
~$ cs
Coursier 2.0.0-RC6-24
Usage: cs [options] [command] [command-options]

Available commands: bootstrap, complete, fetch, get, install, java, java-home, launch, list, publish, resolve, setup, uninstall, update

Type  cs command --help  for help on an individual command
Adam Davidson
using the cs command line tool (2.0.0-RC6-24) and I find if I give credentials via --credentials, it works, but using the exact same string and exporting it as COURSIER_CREDENTIALS, it doesn't work
also it can't seem to use the same values from my credentials.properties file
this is doing a fetch, I should point out
Chris Kipp
I actually ran into this same issue this past week @Adi255. I submitted an issue for it coursier/coursier#1826
Nadav Wiener
Hi there!
Any way to cs install ammonite --scala 2.12.12?
1 reply
(the --scala argument is supported for cs launch etc, but not for cs install)
Matthias Lüneberg
Hi, is it planned to support aarch64 as an architecture in coursier? I found there is a guard to only explicitly allow "x86_64" | "amd64" here: https://github.com/coursier/coursier/blob/master/modules/jvm/src/main/scala/coursier/jvm/JvmIndex.scala#L82
11 replies
Tobias Roeser
Is there a (easy) way to collect all used licenses of the transitive dependencies?
11 replies
Dale Wijnand
@alexarchambault I want to test coursier/coursier#1834 haven't broken scala-runners. Is it intentional that the homebrew formula is still on release 24 and/or that there's no native cs build associated to the releases?
1 reply
王翔(Shawn Wang)
2 replies
installation process hanging here for really a long time
while brew installs calacenter/bloop/bloop
I thought it might be network issue
I have a proxy
how can i pass proxy configurations to coursier cli?
by setting a system variable
Jack Koenig
In the CLI, is there anyway to make the downloading log (eg. Downloading https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/...) go to stdout instead of stderr?
2 replies