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Eric K Richardson
Sorry tagged on to issue #930 - Try this please.
$ cs fetch --repository bintray-ivy:repo.scala-sbt.org/scalasbt --sbt-plugin org.scala-native:sbt-scala-native:0.4.0-M2
Eric K Richardson
You can also drop the --repository but then you don't seem to get the redirect to bintray at all.
Joan Goyeau
@alexarchambault Thanks for the answer. If that changes I'd be happy to use cs to install tooling on scala-steward
Alexandre Archambault
coursier can still be used there, but that will have to be through its JAR-based launcher, along with a manually pre-installed JVM
Jason Pickens

I am trying to run my own jar using coursier offline using a cache using something like:

cs launch --cache lib --extra-jars build/Main.jar --main-class Main -- "$@“

But it fails to find the Scala standard library. I don’t have this problem when I run cs launch in the normal way.

1 reply
Jason Pickens

I tried:

cs launch --mode offline --cache lib --extra-jars /usr/local/share/scala/lib build/Main.jar --main-class Main -- "$@“

but it didn’t like that either

This seems to work:
cp -r lib ~/.cache/coursier/v1
cs launch --mode offline --extra-jars /usr/local/share/scala/lib build/Main.jar --main-class Main -- "$@“
Jason Pickens
Nope now it can’t find the main class (after changing the space to a ,)
Jason Pickens
Ok now I’m stuck. I guess I can’t run a local JAR?
Damian Reeves
I’m still having issues getting coursier working in a walled environment on Windows. I’ve set the COURSIER_CONFIG_DIR to a custom location and set the COURSIER_CACHE to a subdirectory of the config directory. In the config directory I have mirror.properties and credentials.properties files. All these settings seem to take but artifact resolution is still failing. I have 2 issues, authentication against our inhouse Artifactory instance is still not working and I cannot figure out how to map the ivy path needed to resolve the emoji_2.12 package which for some reason uses non-standard ivy and has been mirrored to our Artifactory instance with the same messing structure.
8 replies
How do you configure ivy patterns and the like via a properties file or at the command line? Also I’ve tried adding -vvvv to up the log verbosity but this isn’t helping, this my be because coursier is still at the stage where it is trying to bring down its dependencies first.
6 replies
Eric K Richardson
@alexarchambault The problem @DamianReeves is seeing is very similar to the problem I was having. Were you able to reproduce the redirect with credentials in your docker?
2 replies
Ishan Shah
I upgraded the sbt version from 1.2.8 to 1.3.8 - now I am getting issues, getting error as lmcoursier.internal.shaded.coursier.error.fetcherror$downloading artifacts (unauthorized) for JFrog Artifactory. for 1.2.8 that was not the case, I was able to download. Any suggestions?
Amit Prasad
Hi Team ,
Can someone help to resolve this error : checksum format error
I am adding coursierChecksums := Nil
but no lunck
Ben Fradet
hello I'm trying to fetch an artifact with: cs fetch org.scalariform:sbt-scalariform:1.8.3 however it fails with a resolution error despite the artifact being on central: https://search.maven.org/artifact/org.scalariform/sbt-scalariform/1.8.3/jar. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
4 replies
Hi, someone could tell me, please, what would be the way to fetch this package with coursier?:
"com.github.outwatch.outwatch" %%% "outwatch" % "master-SNAPSHOT"
3 replies
and jitpack
I tried this: ./cs fetch -r jitpack com.github.outwatch.outwatch:outwatch:master-SNAPSHOT but didn't work
Would you say that now the classpath order matches ivy?
2 replies
Srepfler Srdan
hi folks, does coursier only fetches or is also able to publish artefacts?
1 reply
Brian Maso
@schrepfler Only fetch & cache
Srepfler Srdan

@schrepfler Only fetch & cache

thanks @bmaso

Rob Norris
~$ cs launch org.scalameta::scalafmt-cli:2.4.2 -- --help
Exception in thread "main" coursier.jvm.ErrnoException: Errno Permission denied (13)
    at coursier.jvm.Execve.execve(Execve.java:33)
    at coursier.cli.launch.Launch$.$anonfun$launchFork$9(Launch.scala:121)
    at coursier.cli.launch.Launch$.$anonfun$launchCall$10(Launch.scala:345)
    at coursier.cli.launch.Launch$.run(Launch.scala:534)
    at coursier.cli.Coursier$.$anonfun$runA$2(Coursier.scala:128)
    at coursier.cli.Coursier$.$anonfun$runA$2$adapted(Coursier.scala:112)
    at coursier.cli.CommandAppPreA.run(CommandAppPreA.scala:22)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.$anonfun$main$5(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:99)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.$anonfun$main$5$adapted(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:99)
    at scala.util.Either.fold(Either.scala:191)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.$anonfun$main$3(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:99)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.$anonfun$main$3$adapted(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:85)
    at scala.Option.foreach(Option.scala:407)
    at caseapp.core.app.CommandAppWithPreCommand.main(CommandAppWithPreCommand.scala:85)
    at coursier.cli.Coursier$.main(Coursier.scala:77)
    at coursier.cli.Coursier.main(Coursier.scala)
6 replies
Has anyone seen this? It just started happening for me, no idea why. I reinstalled cs, no change.
coursier works fine, just not the native launcher.
And cs works ok on its own, it just seems unable to fork the JVM.
~$ cs
Coursier 2.0.0-RC6-24
Usage: cs [options] [command] [command-options]

Available commands: bootstrap, complete, fetch, get, install, java, java-home, launch, list, publish, resolve, setup, uninstall, update

Type  cs command --help  for help on an individual command
Adam Davidson
using the cs command line tool (2.0.0-RC6-24) and I find if I give credentials via --credentials, it works, but using the exact same string and exporting it as COURSIER_CREDENTIALS, it doesn't work
also it can't seem to use the same values from my credentials.properties file
this is doing a fetch, I should point out
Chris Kipp
I actually ran into this same issue this past week @Adi255. I submitted an issue for it coursier/coursier#1826
Nadav Wiener
Hi there!
Any way to cs install ammonite --scala 2.12.12?
1 reply
(the --scala argument is supported for cs launch etc, but not for cs install)
Matthias Lüneberg
Hi, is it planned to support aarch64 as an architecture in coursier? I found there is a guard to only explicitly allow "x86_64" | "amd64" here: https://github.com/coursier/coursier/blob/master/modules/jvm/src/main/scala/coursier/jvm/JvmIndex.scala#L82
11 replies
Tobias Roeser
Is there a (easy) way to collect all used licenses of the transitive dependencies?
11 replies
Dale Wijnand
@alexarchambault I want to test coursier/coursier#1834 haven't broken scala-runners. Is it intentional that the homebrew formula is still on release 24 and/or that there's no native cs build associated to the releases?
1 reply
王翔(Shawn Wang)
2 replies
installation process hanging here for really a long time
while brew installs calacenter/bloop/bloop
I thought it might be network issue
I have a proxy
how can i pass proxy configurations to coursier cli?
by setting a system variable
Jack Koenig
In the CLI, is there anyway to make the downloading log (eg. Downloading https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/...) go to stdout instead of stderr?
2 replies
Anton Sviridov
do you have access to shell's redirection?
Jack Koenig
Yes, redirecting all of stderr to stdout isn't what I want in case there are real errors