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Michael VanOverbeek
I'd rather use a library before I try to write that on my own.
Evan Reeves
I don't know why a library would exist for that though
it's such a specific thing
Michael VanOverbeek
I know
but, eventually I want to move to C++.
so like
if I can spend more time telling the story of my game and implementing gameplay rather than spend more time writing the annoying stuff that sits in the background making the story possible to tell
that'd make me feel much less stressed.
the only way to achieve that is if I either use a library or get someone else to write the backend code who actually enjoys that stuff
and who...knows how to do it properly.
Dylan Wilson
Anyone interested in trying out Discord as an alternative to Gitter? https://discord.gg/mNJ5Md
Michael VanOverbeek
Discord is WAY easier on my eyes
Jean-David Moisan
Discord for the win!
Hi guys, I've been trawling the monogame forums in search of a solution but no luck so im gonna try here
Im trying to make a tactical JRPG using tiledmaps as a base. I've managed to get the tilemap to render using monogame.extended
so far, so good.
Heres the tricky part, I've been looking at the demos (platformer to be exact) to see how extended handles the characters
Dylan Wilson
@fluxtheory I'm on a train at the moment so it's a bit tricky to help you right now but just so you know we're moving from gitter to discord
ah, thanks for that
Aleksander Ciesielski
ill just keep hating discord silently
any of you use GeonBit.UI? it is incredible so far, but i have issues with implementing drag&drop, after i reparent setting position has no effect
Dylan Wilson
what's wrong with discord?
Aleksander Ciesielski
its nice for teaming up with friends, gets extremely annoying if you join multiple general groups
but i guess im alone on this since everyone else doesnt mind :)
Dylan Wilson
it seems that way.
Aleksander Ciesielski
btw, IRC channel would go a long way
Dylan Wilson
I was surprised to see a message here.
I'd rather not have too many things going at once, we've already got quite a lot.
Tode Liker
Hi all
Quick question
Tode Liker
Is there a method that works like Rectangle.Intersects with MonoGame.Extended.Shapes.Polygon?
I need to see if a line segment, in this case a polyline, intersects with rhombuses
so it's not an axis aligned bounding box
Dylan Wilson
@Caerulius_twitter we don't use gitter anymore. Please ask in Discord https://discord.gg/xPUEkj9
Hi everyone what does it happen with MonoGame gitter?
But search engine has still existing "MonoGame"
Discord is bad friend of Facebook
Please tell me
Aha you lied me
Thank you for hurting
S. Tarık Çetin
There is a link to this room at documentation landing page: http://docs.monogameextended.net/ @craftworkgames
Dylan Wilson
@starikcetin thanks for letting me know
Hello everyone,I encountered a problem in the process of making a game. I want people to walk on a slope, but it is difficult to complete by rectangle and circle. Is there any way to make my 2D character walk perfectly on the slope?
Can someone help me give me a good suggestion?